Lair Boxart Revealed

Gamestop has posted the boxart for Lair on their site. Is it the final version?

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techie4311d ago

you know what that means...release soon. May :)

Gamer134311d ago

When i get my ps3 ill try this game out.

IM OUT...///"""

Anego Montoya FTMFW4311d ago

this one should be great.
I can`t wait for the demo.


undecided about this game. Graphics are great but gameplay looks awful, dragon flying? no thanks

r10004311d ago

Yea I totally agree with you.... Dragons are cool in books and imagination.. but they do not translate well in movies, and games... I "WON'T" be running to get this when it comes out... I'll wait for some reviews....

r10004311d ago (Edited 4311d ago )

There goes my 2 bubbles.... :(

techie4311d ago

Yes it's an intriguing one isn't it. I'm certainly intrigued as to how it will work out gameplay wise.

I feel it might be quite liberating flying around the many different areas (forests, volcanos, villages, towns). With an epic storyline and a great soundtrack... I do wonder how it will play. Remember Factor 5 will be concentrating on the flying...there will be hardly any on foot sections in the game...there will not be any on foot fighting.

Bathyj4310d ago

It all depends how the game is actually structured and what objectives and missions you have to do. Anyway I trust Factor 5 to bring gameplay to match the graphics and controls.

One of the reasons they decided to do this game is because there ARE no good dragon games. Please dont tell me Panzer Dragoon, its completely different.

Anyway for that reason I wouldn't let the fact there are no good dragon games put you off this title. If its a hit you'll probably see a dozen copycats in the next 5 years, just like Lord of the Rings revived fantasy and epic swordplay in movies.

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The story is too old to be commented.