GamesRadar: 9 GTA IV trailer rumours debunked

The gaming world goes into speculation overdrive and GR picks up the pieces.

Rumour #1
The character in the trailer might not be the character you play as.

What GR Thinks:

While this would buck the trend of trailers for Vice City and San Andreas, the Eastern European character certainly doesn't look like the natural choice to star in the game.

In fairness, we only see him for a matter of seconds but he lacks the on-screen charisma of CJ and Tommy Vercetti. Furthermore, as far as we can tell, he doesn't fit into any of the existing GTA story arcs - the closest match being the Russian mafia that appeared briefly in GTA: SA.

Having said that, we're most likely seeing him as he appears at the very beginning of the game - weaponless and moneyless - and it wouldn't be unlike Rockstar to tell another rags to riches story. So, a haircut, shave, a sharp suit and an Uzi 9mm in both fists could turn him to a kick ass hero.

Chances of the rumour being true:

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Caxtus7504272d ago

I think it will be a shame if there are no airbourne veichles. Not bothered about planes i neevr tthought they worked well. But Helicopters IMO are a must!

thats what Saints Row was missing (as well as a "cool" story)

lil bush4271d ago

good point, but gta4 will blow saints row away IMO cause the story has always been good, and i think the russian guy isent so bad, but who knows, all i want is a great game......

truebego4271d ago

my god this game must be good on my ps3
fast loading and more cute