Videogamer: Prototype Hands-on Preview

Videogamer writes: "All of a sudden the open world superhero genre seems crowded. It's not as if there haven't been any open world superhero games before (Crackdown, The Incredible Hulk: Ultimate Destruction, Spider-Man 2), it's just that this summer seems rife with them. inFamous, Sucker Punch's PS3-exclusive open world super hero game, has already revealed itself, scoring an impressive 8/10 in our review. There are rumours that Microsoft will take the lid off of Crackdown 2 at its E3 press conference next month. And, finally, there's Prototype, Radical's take on the open world superhero genre, due out in June. They're like buses, really, these open world superhero games. You wait ages then loads turn up at once. The question is, is the real world big enough for the all of them?"

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