GameStop Reports Record Quarter As Used Game Sales Flourish

Mike Fahey of Kotaku writes:

"Video game retailer GameStop reports record sales and earnings for first quarter 2009, with a slight drop in new game sales bolstered by a significant rise in used products.

Despite the unstable economy, GameStop once again delivers a report indicating record sales and earnings to their doubtlessly overjoyed shareholders. Sales were up 9.2% compared to this time last year, with $1.98 billion dollars worth of product passed to consumers. Net earnings were up 13.4%, rising to $70.4 million from last year's $62.1 million.

Great news for GameStop, though not so good for the games industry as a whole, as new game sales declined and used games jumped significantly."

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Cherchez La Ghost4066d ago

This right here just might start a chain of events. Dev's don't like the fact that there not making money by there product when it's sold used. The first sign is when Epic made the Throwback maps for Gears 2 exclusive when you buy the game new. And when you buy it used, you have to pay to get the Throwback map pack. I see this launch DLC will soon rise in the gaming industry.