Champions Online Profiles: Kinetik

IncGamers reports that Cryptic Studios has revealed details of another Champion from their upcoming MMO, Champions Online.

Kinetik, aka Brendan Grant, got his powers after being exposed to a cocktail of fumes when a fire broke out in a nearby lab. After recovering in hospital, he discovered he could move with super-speed and think faster than any normal person.

There are also two new screenshots of the hero.

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Leord3438d ago

Some of the Flash's outfits are not too bad either.. :P

Malfurion3438d ago

Hmm, I'm sensing a small Flash crush here... ;)

Leord3438d ago

Hehe, that's The Flash I believe :)

Dorjan3438d ago

More to come i'm sure!

Redrudy3438d ago

more champions, you think?

lothaer3438d ago

OMG its Flash Gordon :D

Leord3438d ago

No. Flash Gordon is a regular human being just happening to have adventures in space. You are thinking of The Flash, that I mentioned above :P

Fyzzu3438d ago

So how do these guy tie into the game? Are they plot characters?

Malfurion3438d ago

They're the NPCs, giving you quests etc. I guess you get to fight alongside them at some point.

*drool* Roll on September!

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