Capcom To Give Fans What They've Been Waiting For

CriousGamer Writes...We earlier reported that the second secret title which Capcom will unveil at E3 2009 is non other than Devil May Cry 5, well we contacted Capcom asking for their word on this rumor.

And the reply was very interesting.

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BlackIceJoe3441d ago

I wonder what it could be a new a Dino crisis, Strider, Duck Tales, Power Stone, Final Fight, Breath of Fire or Darkstalkers. I would love to see it be any of these games. I would like to see a new Breath of Fire and Strider the most though.

locos853441d ago

It better be Onimusha. Its been a long time since Dawn of Dreams

Flipgeneral3441d ago

Dido brother, first thing that came to mind too. Especially after seeing SF4's success.

MiloGarret3441d ago

Come oooooon ONIMUSHA!!! Can you even begin to imagine what a current gen Onimusha would be like? Awesomeness springs to mind.

boodybandit3441d ago

I wish they would make an add on for SFIV. I would dig a few more characters (T.Hawk, DeeJay, Evil Ryu, Yung, etc), new levels and the ability to record friendly matches like you can in Championship mode.

Onimusha or Capcom vs Marvel 3 would be awesome.
Kind of worn out on Devil May Cry.

gaffyh3441d ago

It needs to be onimusha

bushfan3441d ago

resident evil 2 !!!!!!!!!!

Don_Frappucino3441d ago

Hopefully they'll make it more like 3 and less like Dawn Of Dreams. 3 was definately the best in the series. About 3 or 4 more weapons than 3 would be nice, but not the amount there was is DOD. DOD wasn't a bad game (i'd say 8/10ish) but it jusn't wasn't up to the standard of the three proper Onimushas before it.

Matpan3441d ago

I want a million bucks!! Thanks CAPCOM!!! You are my new best friend :)

though a PowerStone would sufice...

ultimolu3441d ago


JihadJoe3441d ago

It's been a fair amount of time since Dawn of Dreams so thats the first thing on my wishlist. I'm also crossing my fingers for Okami 2 :]

Freak of Nature3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

An all out, full on backing of a new HD "3D 3rd person view Ghouls n' Ghosts"...New gen act/adv/platformer. Some new innovative twists and gameplay.Something fresh and exciting like what Media Molecule brought us with LBP.

I want to be knocked out,surprised and totally impressed.Make it stylish,unique. An all new platformer that raises the bar,not just some ok but pretty much generic clone that follows the pack....

If not Ghouls n' ghosts then Onimusha would be my next choice.....But done with an all out effort,not some half arsed cash cow effort.Really give us an all out no stops game....

MiloGarret3441d ago

Hey, this has nothing to do with anything here but did anyone notice fists of plastic being free on the US store? Perhaps it's common knowledge here... Anyways, I just got a game free, haha!

Marceles3441d ago

yeah thats it...DuckTales 5: The Return of Launchpad.

Phatjabba3441d ago

I'd love them to give the franchise a proper reboot and bring it back to its glory.

N4g_null3441d ago

Oh hell I could go for some duck tales! SMG did sells a hell of a lot of copies.

Matpan3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

I guess I don´t want a million dollars... nor a Power Stone game... thanks for making me see that I was wrong XD

Tapewurm3440d ago

Really needs to be Marvel Vs Capcom 3.....sort of makes sense really...they are re-releasing Marvel Vs Capcom 2 in HD like they did with Street Fighter....and shortly after the newer version hit.... Would be nice. Gets my vote.

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jams_shop3441d ago

So that means they're giving a full refund to the people who bought DMC4 and RE5 woot! lol

SL1M DADDY3441d ago

Right on the money there! Wish that check was in the mail.

PS360PCROCKS3441d ago

Why? I really hate people sitting here and complaining about those 2 games. DMC4 wasn't as good as the first few but it wasn't a bad game either. RE5 was an awesome game, it was just different from the others. At least Capcom is trying to innovate rather than push out the same ol' crap in sequels

Kushan3441d ago

Demos were released for both games, so who's fault is it for buying them if you didn't like them?
I bought both and I'm extremely happy with my purchases.

SL1M DADDY3441d ago

Yeah, you're right. 'Cause we all know that a demo would have shown us how lame it was that half of DMC4 was simply you trucking through the same levels all over again in revers order experiencing the same scenery all over again and proving how lazy the devs got in terms of creativity and... A demo would have easily shown us how lacking in the scare factor RE5 was going to be and how battling Wesker int he end was a complete douche of a fight and when compared tot he item management of the original RE, RE5 was a complete waste of time. Those demos are ama-za-zing!

solidjun53441d ago

I wouldn't really call it innovation. RE5 is essentially RE4 in a different environment. If you enjoyed it though, then that's all that matters. You can essentially say the same thing for DMC4.

As for DMC5...well, 4 wasn't bad, but it didn't do much for me. However, I did enjoyed the 12 hours I invested into it. So it comes as no surprise that the sequel will be announced. I sorta do what Dante to be the main protagonist for the whole game though.

Kushan3441d ago

DMC backtracking aside, the RE5 demo showed you EXACTLY what you were getting with the game. You seen how (not) scary it was, you seen the item management, you seen everything the game has to offer. You're about the only person on the planet that thinks RE these days is meant to be scary. It's an action game, the "zombies" are mere cannon fodder and the Demo showed this quite well.
As for DMC, have you played any of the previous DMC games? They use more or less the same formula. Hell, to get the most out of the game, you're supposed to replay it again and again, doing the harder difficulties and trying to get the best scores. DMC has always been like that. DMC4 was a great game for the fans and newcomers alike.

jams_shop3441d ago (Edited 3441d ago )

I didn't buy neither game but I did play both demos. My first comment was a joke and only a joke. I remember people complaining about both games when they were released that's why I thought a full refund was inbound to make fans happy lol.

velaxun3441d ago

Sorry dude, but I gotta call you out on your grammar, when you were saying "you seen" I believe you meant to be saying you saw... please don't do that again, it hurts. >.<

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Dead_Cell3441d ago

That wasn't on the disc to begin with?