Gamer Limit: Castlevania: Orders of Ecclesia Review

Gamer Limit writes: "Castlevania is a classic series known to almost all gamers young and old, and no-one cracks a whip like those brave and bold Belmonts. But how does Castlevania: Order of Eccles Cakes Ecclesia fare when it drops both the Belmonts and the whips?"

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SkankinGarbage3435d ago

I'm glad there was mention of how not-innovative this game was, even for a Castlevania game. I'm pretty sure no other review I read for this game said that at all, but it was the biggest damper on my own enjoyment of the game.

chrisjc3435d ago

I wish it did something game-changing.

Allowen3434d ago

I played and liked it.
Got to make exp at the beginning , that is why it is too harf because your character is weak but later it becomes easy.

Lots of fun I had playing that other character... clicking on the touch screen to teleport myself. I really liked it.

AcesAndEights3433d ago

Yeah, but that just enforces the need for grinding, making it slightly less fun.