Wolfire Games Interview; DRM always gets cracked

Wolfire Games writes "No matter how much DRM you put in your game, it's going to get cracked."

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stevedawonder4061d ago

Why do they bother with it when they know it'll eventually be useless?

chrisjc4061d ago

Because it'll stop thousands of people from cracking it. Think about Sims 3 with DRM: how many soccer Mom's know what a torrent is? Lawls.

z1ck4060d ago

man do you really know what you saying ?

the sims 3 even without DRM is still disk protected and needs a crack and add that crack in the game is no difference adding a DRM crack .

and the guy is right DRM is a waste of time and money .

syvergy4061d ago

These indie guys know the score.

iseven4061d ago

PS3 DRM doesn't get cracked

360isgreat4061d ago

Now stop putting it in your games douches.

Mnemonic-DK4061d ago (Edited 4061d ago )

The Pope is a Catholic! ;)