Extreme Sports Channel to Broadcast PGR3 Tournament

The Extreme Sports Channel has announced the creation of a series of live video gaming events which will be added to the channel's programming line-up to tap into the rapidly growing competitive video games market.

The first programme in the series, Pro Videogaming: Xbox Cup is a four and half hour live broadcast from the Adidas World of Football in Berlin this Saturday July 1st. The broadcast will feature the culmination of the Xbox Cup, a global competition which brings gamers from all over the world together to compete in their own virtual World Cup.

For the second show in the season, Extreme Sports Channel have commissioned British fashion and videogame event label Joystick Junkies to produce the Pro Videogaming: Project Gotham Racing 3 tournament at the Ripspeed Donny car show on Sunday 13th August ( Ripspeed Donny expects 20,000 visitors at their show which takes place on North Weald Airfield in Essex.

Joystick Junkies are bringing together hundreds of the UK's very best gamers to compete in the UK's first live televised pro-racing games tournament. After 7 days of gruelling heats on Xbox Live and in the morning at Ripspeed Donny, the final 16 competitors will be pitting their racing skills against the very best the UK has to offer. They will be playing Project Gotham Racing 3 on an open air 20ft x 15ft LED screen on live television and the pressure will be on to give their best ever performance with a huge audience, and a hot list of prizes up for grabs.

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JPomper5810d ago

While very cool, I'd much prefer they do this with a more difficult game, like Forza.

Mantook5810d ago

look ma! i'm on the tv.