10 Fighters that Should Be in the UFC 2009 Undisputed Sequel

The sports world is still buzzing about this week's retail release of THQ's UFC 2009: Undisputed. It showed that the sport of mixed-martial arts isn't as hard to capture within a video game as once thought. The striking is highly entertaining, the animations are fluid, and with so much going on behind the scenes for UFC 2009's exciting combat, the MMA world can now celebrate that it has its hit video game. Having said all of that, fans of MMA are still yearning for more fighters to play with. Already featuring over 80 plus fighters, there are a few notable fighters that are missing from the UFC 2009 roster that need to be considered for downloadable content in the future. The typical demand of including Randy Couture has been said all over the net, so chose 10 other fighters that would be exciting must-have additions to the next game in the franchise.

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UltimaEnder3438d ago

Nice list, I agree with most of your choices and I'm not sure why some of them were obviously omitted from the game, maybe coming as future DLC?

Valkyrie833438d ago

WOW, great list guys.....can't wait for the next game in the franchise...I really hope 2009 sold well!

I know I bought my copy of it!

Pennywise3438d ago

I would hope this one is supported with DLC instead of waiting for next years.

I know for the wrestling they just added DLC for the old school fighters, so I have high hopes for some added to UFC.

Pennywise3438d ago

Good list. I would also like to see some of the classics. Gracie, Shamrock, Randy "The Natural", and any others left out.

UltimaEnder3438d ago

WOW I didn't even think about the classics, however I'm not sure they could use the rights so easily with the old guys.....

Valkyrie833438d ago

I would love to see that guy from the early UFC with bright blond hair, huge black guy....can't remember his name but saw him here in Birmingham, AL some 10 years ago, was amazing!

cpuchess3438d ago

I agree,I was hoping for Royce Gracie. He was clearly the best overall during his era.

360isgreat3438d ago

Dana White vs Tito hidden easter egg...

I think for the next UFC that should have Anderson Silva eating yogurt while fighting.

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