Natsume Announce Next Two Harvest Moons, DS and Wii

The long running farming series, Harvest Moon, is getting two more entries from Natsume, Harvest Moon: Animal Parade for Wii and Harvest Moon: Sunshine Islands for DS. Animal Parade hits shelves this fall with the strange premise of a divine tree in the Harvest Goddess' pond being weakened.

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mephman3439d ago

You can't go wrong with Harvest Moon.

ShawnCollier3439d ago

Awesome. I <3 this series, so more games is great.

Selyah3439d ago

Agreed its been a while since i last got round to playing on maybe I'll get back into it again when one of the above gets released.

Kyll3439d ago

Snap, I like how late the announce games too, don't have to wait forever.

Blackbird-ce3439d ago

In addition to the story under the main link, some first screenshots of both Nintendo DS and Wii versions are available through the alternative link.

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Smacktard3438d ago

Let's hope as much effort is put into this game as was into Rune Factory Frontier. The Harvest Moon franchise has been getting stale since the N64 days.