Console Monster: ARKANOID Live Review

Console Monster writes: "Arkanoid was one of the first few games I played when I was very young; I vividly remember pushing a black and red joystick side to side whilst getting feverishly frustrated with that bouncing ball. Why it never goes in the direction I want it to I will never know! It seemed that along with Space Invaders Extreme, Arkanoid Live was looking to be a joyous little addition to the Xbox LIVE Arcade library.

I'd be surprised if you have not ever played a type of Arkanoid or Breakout before. For formalities sake however, I'll explain the basic game play: You control a small ship called the 'Vaus' at the bottom of the screen, it goes left or right and can even going faster if you hold the bumper buttons on your controller. Colourful bricks float above and you have to break those bricks with a small ball that bounces off of the Vaus. Some coloured bricks release power ups that give you a quick boost such as multiple balls to control or lasers – and it's these moments that make Arkanoid pretty addictive..."

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