WiiWare/DSiWare is missing the point

ResumePlay's Michael Perry evaluates the releases on WiiWare and DSiWare and tries to come to terms on why these have overall been a failure.

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phantomexe3437d ago (Edited 3437d ago )

I can think of about 20 great games on wiiware just off the stop of my head and the price point is great.I own both a ps3 and a xbox and yes there are some good downloaded games but there's nothing better then wiiware when it comes to great games.Ever monday i sit waiting on what comeing out.If i'm at work me and some of the guys will call home asking are wifes to look for us.Wiiware isn't a failure and dsiware is too new to pass jugment on it yet.I can't get my download fix on the other 2 systems and neather can friends.For everything the wii gets wrong wiiware isn't one of them.

kesvalk3436d ago

failure? what is guy talking about? the wiiware is great, now with the SD support it's just wonderful!

live2play3436d ago

ok wiiware is great more than that even(love me some WORLD OF GOO) and dsiware for us is barely a few weeks old and already has great games for cheap price AQUIA and PiCTOBiTS

SpoonyRedMage3436d ago

Wow, the DSiware may have the Master of Illusion stuff but it's already also got(here in the UK) PiCOPiCT, AQUITE, CODE, Dr Mario Express, Real Football 2009 and Pop Superstar. The last two are only included because they're full games.

It's also got The Moving Notepad coming, Mighty Flip Champs and Dragon Quest Wars and in Japan they have a bunch of other games on there including Mr Driller. It's not bad at all.

There's plenty of awesome games on the Wiiware and ones coming in the future such as FFIV: The After. The complaint seems to be that Nintendo isn't hyping them.

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