Watchmen Retail Disc Confirmed

1Up: In an interview at the Nordic Game Conference today, Deadline Games director Søren Lund confirmed to 1UP that both episodes of the Watchmen downloadable game will be sold together on a retail disc soon. Lund said the set will most likely ship alongside the Watchmen DVD/Blu-ray, which is expected on July 21 in North America, or at most within two weeks of the film's home release.

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darkgunner3491d ago

Was the game really that popular that they had to release it on disc?

snaz273490d ago

nah i think its more like they are testing out how mnay will take the digital download, because obviously all company want digital downloads... it will save them money on shipping, the physical product like case, disc and manufacturing, the middle man, piracy and second hand game sales... but guess how much of these savings they will pass on to us??? absolutely zero mate! and think where would the competition be??? if you wanna buy a sony exclusive where would you get it from if it was download only?? they could charge whatever they wanted!!! i urge anyone to avoid digital downloads of full retail games because if it ever happend it would be the worst thing ever for us gamers! oh but sony, ms, devs and shareholders would be well happy! mo money!... so basically (and this is good) hardly anyone boght this game and now there like sh!t quick release it on disc, i dont think it will matter tho the game is just pants!