Kojima website updated with Raiden image?

CVG: Hideo Kojima is nothing but a dirty tease. And we love it.

Fake or real?

Update: This Twitter pic has just come to our attention (thanks chriskernagham) and we've had a look at the countdown but can find no image of said Raiden. He either popped up for a limited time only or someone's been playing with Photoshop. Update out.

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Gue13532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Do you think that's possible? I mean, Konami's desperate to release MGS4 on X360 but it is Kojima who doesn't lets them do it. Like Itagaki with Ninja Gaiden 2 on PS3...

Now another iteration exclusive for the PS3? Can Kojima still persist for it to stay exclusive again?

E3 can't come any sooner! I just hope that whatever game's this it'll be PS3 exclusive. Not because of fanboyims but because of potential. Blu-ray and Kojima make a good couple.

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green3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Hmmmm.....Graphics said a month ago that Kojima was releasing a new Metal Gear game (not MGS) callled metal Gear Raiden,exclusive to the (insert console of choice) and it will be unveiled at E3.All this before this teaser site went up.Seems his sister really works for Kojima productions afterall.

Microsoft Xbox 3603532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Kijoma's next game is guaranteed to be announced for the PS3. Can't say the same for the 360.

lloyd_wonder3532d ago

I recall that also. I also read about Raiden DLC for the one year anniversary of MGS4 from *credible* sites. Rumors of course...

Tapewurm3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

If you watch it long enough there is a "5" or "S" that flashes in and out in the background every few lighting/thunder crashes. Haven't seen Raiden image pop in yet.

BLuKhaos3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

It might not even be a new metal gear.c'mon when has Kojima ever been straight with us when he announces his new games?

@Microsoft Xbox 360;Exactly if a game made purely for his fans sold 5 million, 1/4 of the PS3's user base, in six months;Why would Kojima ever make a game exclusively for the other console?Kojima doesn't really care for money, he cares about making games for his fans.

jadenkorri3532d ago

which means MGS5 obviously, i could be wrong, but either way....Zone of the Enders 3 announcement would be epic personally...

xwabbit3532d ago

10 hours left 4 the announcement ?

Tito Jackson3532d ago

after the 10 hours, there is no annoucement, but only more clues?
wow. that would tick me off. Full Monty please.

II Necroplasm II3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

I think it's just a countdown to other countdowns or more clues.

Isn't there suppose to be 5 stages of weather in the flash?

SL1M DADDY3532d ago

*takes off clothes*

Did somebody say Full Monty? Whoo-hoo!

Tito Jackson3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

Whoo! *holds up a twenty and some fives* Party over here big boy, lol.

@necro: No. But there are 5 "catergories" of tornado. 1-5/small-big. didn't someone list a kojima game under a assumed name that had the word Tornado, in the title? although i think its a strange coincidence, this is prolly what everyone is saying it: MGS5. But i hope it isnt. New IP would be nice.

solidt123532d ago

it has to be MGS5. I am getting excited man. MGS FTW.

SL1M DADDY3532d ago (Edited 3532d ago )

*jumps on Tito's lap*

Tito Jackson3532d ago

I was listening to some Techno mixes, when I read your last comment.

Torch3532d ago

LOL...I can rest-assured that on a rough day such as today, I can always rely on you guys and the others here for a good chuckle and to help brighten the somber mood.

Cheers and bubbles galore!

The Lazy One3531d ago

if u look towards the bottom of that page, theres an image that was released with the clouds. A lot of people think the teaser is going to go through each of the stages on that picture before the announcement is made where the ! is. It's either in the first or second pictures right now.

Who knows, they could also have coded all the other countdown clocks just to mislead people. It's not a hard thing to code, and it would be worth it to surprise people.

s8anicslayer3531d ago

Bieng that MGS was so long and so many cut-scenes and it also took a long time for Kojima to release MGS4 this has to be MGS5 and only on PS3 as well

I did not murder him3531d ago

He said it was 360 exclusive and didn't know why Komami made it exclusive for the 360. Graphics hates the 360 and is a PS3 fanboy by the way. It's called Metal Gear Rising and will have a Raiden story ark.

madmonkey03531d ago

just taken this from the sites source code. <meta name="keywords" content="Hideo Kojima, MGS,METAL GEAR, NEXT, game, konami, kojima game, KJP, Kojima Production ">
MGS5 proof

Buttons3531d ago

Yep, you're right. Before reading your comment I looked it up as well.

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christian hour3532d ago

yeah whoever photoshopped this forgot to clip out his arms that exit the image and go onto the black border. How this even fooled anyone is beyond me. Can't people just wait the extra 12 hours or so thats left on the countdown?

SmittyJ313532d ago

This is as fake as it gets. Didn't notice the arms until you said something, but you can tell it's fake even without that. When has Kojima ever been this straight forward with any game....ever? So why would he put Raiden on the site to make it obvious?

DeforMAKulizer3532d ago

If you read the article... It says its a photoshop!

Nineball21123532d ago

NO, if you read the article it says that they couldn't find the image, so they WONDER if it's a photoshop. It doesn't say for sure that it is.

Although, it probably is.