Big Surf Island news coming tomorrow

Console Monster writes: "We finally might be about to see some firmer details on the upcoming DLC for Burnout Paradise.

Big Surf Island is the name of the area which will be opened up sometime in the near future. Criterion's Twitter page teases us some more".

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outlawlife4061d ago

the wait has been almost too long, they have been teasing this for something like a year now

and since this will be a pay addon for the game i'm fearing to see the price after some of the car prices

Rich16314061d ago

Yeah man I agree. It was almost as if Criterion said, "Alright...We gave a lot of we will rob ya!" The cars and other stuff they added was really steep and this add-on SHOULD be no more than $10 but I am thinking it will be atleast $15 maybe even $20. But I am not going to buy it if it is higher than $10.

ian724061d ago

Been waiting for this for what seems like ever.

Lets hope its not a rip off. Some DLC is way too much.