CVG: Punch-Out!! Review

CVG writes: "There's an idea in Punch-Out!! that really shows Nintendo at their best. As Little Mac you're capable of taking two knockdowns before it's lights-out with a KO. The devs clearly relish the moment - lose that third energy bar and the camera whips around with Raging Bull panache to follow a bruised Mac to his knees. But it's not over. Hammer attacks as you hit the ropes and there's a chance Mac will get up. And at a turning point in a tricky bout this is just incredible.

Don Flamenco1 has us on the ropes. We're ten punches away from KO-ing the preening Spanish dandy. But before we have the chance to fell him he hits us with the old 'uno dos tres' - a devastating chain of three pirouetting swings. Is this the end of the dream for Little Mac? His battered form collides with the ropes, begins to sway into a fall, *deep intake of will he/won't he breath*, only for his leg to find that last bit of fight and hold him up. In movie terms, this is Rocky, The Champ and Cinderella Man all in one..."

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