LBP user levels will be easier to download

Console Monster writes: "LittleBigPlanet is to receive a brand new web-based portal which will allow for the simplistic sharing of levels that are user-created".

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crillyconlig3490d ago

but didnt think there was a problem dling LBP levels online, ive very poor net connection and they stream fine

Rich16313490d ago

I never had a problem with that, my only online issue is with the lag. Despite my Verizon Fios, it still lags like a sonuvab!tch every time I play with other people. It makes it unplayable because its a platformer, all about timing, and it just starts twitching randomly. Why this hasn't been fixed I have no idea.

SuperSharpShooter3490d ago

i gave up on this game ages ago, lost my levels and saves, lag was a biggy back then, and by the post above^^ sounds like it STILL hasn't been addressed

I say guess its a time issue in-house, all the dev time hammering out thous pointless costume pack for rip off prices, just quit it will you and fix your game!

popup3489d ago

Lag is no longer an issue for me (it once was really bad) and so many issues have been cleaned up now. It is amazing how it all manages to hold together really considering the complexity of the toolset.

On average, around 10,000 creative and fun loving people are still playing LBP at any time :)