Ed Vaizey MP Talks Videogames

Shadow minister for arts and culture, Ed Vaizey, talks to IncGamers about some of the biggest problems facing the industry at the moment, and what governement should be doing to resolve it.

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thetamer3440d ago

I'm not sure I trust what he says, but then again my faith in politics has been completely shattered.

Dorjan3440d ago

I don't think I've ever had any!

Leord3440d ago

Having been borked over over so much (just in the area of internets and videogames) by politicians so far, I have absolutely no trust for them at all.

Seen so many promises made by politicians in Sweden that they later have turned around and shown that they lied that I feel sick :P

AndyA3440d ago

The British government needs to stop treating the games industry like a pariah.

Leord3440d ago

If they'd just starting to listen to reports that are not bought and paid for by anti-video-games lobbyists :P

Fyzzu3440d ago

He makes a few good points, I have to admit.

Maticus3440d ago

The US has it a lot easier than the UK in the games industry right now.

Fyzzu3440d ago

Yes and no. The US causes a lot of problems for the games industry on the whole, at times. Let's not forget that the games industry is currently beholden to the Walmart moral code and their refusal to stock anything that has tits or horrendous violence, just because they're such a big part of where sales come from.

thetamer3440d ago

Everyone is leaving the UK for places like Canada. Not good. not good