New Star Wars Battlefront coming to handhelds

If the ESRB website is to be believed (and why wouldn't it be), there is a new Star Wars Battlefront game heading to both the DS and the PSP. The official description actually sounds like it might not suck.

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Vault Boy4069d ago

Yeah, that does actually sound pretty cool. But cool sounding descriptions don't mean the game will be any good.

h0tz0rz4069d ago

Have you played the PSP game that's already out? It actually wasn't half bad.

Milk is for Babies4069d ago

Don't listen to her, it was terrible.

Twizlex4069d ago

Well I haven't played any of them since the original, but I could see it being pretty decent.

HighDefinition4069d ago

Incognito (Warhark) to make a Starwars MP only game (like Warhawk) for PS3. Or PS3 and 360.

pixelsword4069d ago

you could go from the ground to outer space and land on a cruiser or fight in either area.

They should've put that game out first to make some cash, then work out the kinks in HAZE; that would've been a winning game plan.

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L80BelfDK4069d ago

Yay, a new battlefront game! It's about time!

h0tz0rz4069d ago

It would be better if they finally made another one for consoles though.

Vault Boy4069d ago

Yeah, I'll have to agree there. Games are getting too expensive these days, so I'm sure handheld games are less risky and that's why they're doing it.

I LOL AT U4069d ago

HA Examiner suck just as much as the DS

Lord_Ranos4069d ago (Edited 4069d ago )


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The story is too old to be commented.