No Xbox 360 Price Drop Because They're Bundling HD DVD?

Gizmodo is reporting a rumor the Xbox 360 could be skipping the $100 price drop because they're going to bundle their HD DVD drive with new Premium consoles. An interesting theory that makes sense in combatting the PS3 onslaught.

FadeToBlack6591d ago

It would make them lose even more money by doing that and also contradict on what they have been saying. They said they didnt build the hd-dvd drive into the machine so people would be able to chose whether they wanted it or not. If they did this anyone wanting the premium bundle would be forced into getting the HD-DVD drive and also what about all of us that paid for the premium bundle already? Then they go ahead and stark giving away free hd-dvd players??? I know i would be pissed.

Schmitty076591d ago

Thats the risk of buying a launch console.

FeralPhoenix6591d ago

I just don't believe this rumour there isn't a significant reason to drop the price anyway because #1 360 is already at an good price point for what it offers #2 it already costs less than the PS3 #3 the price drop was always a rumour anyway #4 I think that the HD DVD will cost more than $100.....but I could be wrong, we will see. Also I can't help but feel like IF this is true then the early buyers like me didn't get as good of a deal....but in Im still happy with what I paid for and I will probably go out and buy it if its a reasonable price.

MoonDust6591d ago

For the new ones that way you won't need it externally.

FamoAmo6591d ago

I think that would piss alot of people off if MS did that including me! I like the look of the add on!!

FamoAmo6591d ago

Why not bundle it with the premium and raise the price 100$ to make it 500$.. That's still 100$ cheaper than PS3!! Not only that but have the regular premium at 399$ and bundle it with GOW or something like that!! And of course have the core at 299$!!! MS could have 3 choices for the consumer and if you ask me the more choices consumers have the better!! I really would like MS to do something for people like me who have already bought the Premium system and want the HD DVD!! Maybe price cut to 100$ for it?? Who knows but why can't MS do this? I think its a good idea!!

mikeeno76591d ago

The Xbox 360 is about freedom of choice. Bundling the HD-DVD with future 360's might be smart, but it goes agaisnt Microsoft's ideology.

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