Download Music Service for PSN

Sony has been talking to some big recording labels about placing music for download on PSN

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sinncross3465d ago

I've bee saying that Sony's Playstation division should have took over Sony Music's Connect store after it was closed down.

They just need to launch this in all regions from the get go and get that video service out to Europe.

And then they just need to market these services. I think the general public don't even know that the PS3/ PSP have access to these soft of services.

jrsenkbe3465d ago

SONY needs to create a music store and then offer an optional subscription for PSN game rentals and movie streaming. Think $20 a month for 3 PSN games out at one time and 3 movies downloaded or streaming at one time. Movies have a 24 hour rental limit, Games are returned whenever, like Netflix, but better.

Hell I would only keep netflix for the anime.

nbsmatambo3464d ago

makes sense since they own one of the biggest music studios on the planet

jessehaysfl3465d ago

this may be on at E3 like the video store was last year.

micro_invader3465d ago

I'm pretty sure I've seen albums released from time to time on the store...

Anyway, sounds neat but I personally, probably wouldn't use it. Although I'm sure it would be helpful to those who want a download straight to their psp/ps3.

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