Where In The World Is Sam Fisher?

OXCGN looks at the two recent trailers and examines the game possibilities in each location:

"When I viewed the fist part of the minimalistic new trailer for the long awaited (and long MIA- Missing In Action) Splinter Cell: Conviction game from Ubisoft, I was excited by the locale.

The Maltese Islands in the middle of the Mediterranean are not a bad spot to get lost, hide from the world, and work on a tan. A world-weary Sam Fisher seems to have done just that...

Except the Ubidays images for Splinter Cell: Conviction a long time ago featured a bum-like Sam in Washington D.C., American flag waving as the sun set and everything. So it came as no real surprise that the next installment to the drip feed trailer today had the satellite return to American shores and focus on Washington D.C."

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ape0074071d ago


plain and simple

one of my favorite characters ever

gaminoz4071d ago

Michael Ironside's voice rules...

XboxOZ3604071d ago

couldn't agree with you more there mate. Have played the earlier series to death on the 1st-Gen Xbox, which btw, had about 1/3 more gameplay than it's PS2 version. No no, honestly. Just grab a Prima Guide and it'll shoow you the huge difference in the both version of the same games.

That aside, I think Ubi decided to do a remake since he was getting a little long in the tooth, ie, the Convictions title as such. When newer titles appeared that would out do it, naturally they did the right thing and pulled it, rebuilt it, new engine and gameplay.

Don't believe me, wait until you see it at E3 . . Oh . .did I say that, smack me.

Superfragilistic4071d ago

He certainly does! :)

That voice just nails it for me.

Can't wait to play it at E3.

La Chance4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )


No FanS Land4071d ago

There is a simple reason why the PS2 / xbox version had such differences. First, Ubisoft MTL only develops the PC Xbox version while the PS2, gamecube, Wii And the abysmal Double agent were developped by Ubi Shanghai. you see, the cors ubisoft, (montpellier) is run by such douches that to make more profit they think handling a Montreal title over to shanghai in hopes to reduce prod. costs is the way to go. Seems like no but yet, after like 5 times this kind of situation happened (it also happened with one of the Rainbow six and now with "I am alive") they haven't done what should have been: put the axe in shanghai.

I LOL AT U4071d ago

LOL they think it can compete with MGS4. Another failed exclusive (I bet it goes to PS3 anyway).

darkmurder4071d ago

Sigh... I LOL AT U another rabid fanboy....

pixelsword4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

I can't say that any of the previous games are better than MGS4, nor can I say that this game will be as good as MGS4 because I haven't seen it; and I can't say that Splinter Cell series as a whole is equal with MGS4 because I'd be lying; MGS3 was the best stealth game I've played until MGS4 and in certain ways MGS3 is better because of the (slightly) more engaging story; but the series does give the Metal Gear series a run for it's money.

The different style of gameplay is what I like. The dialogue in the series is usually competent without being overly verbose for a black-ops game; not that I don't appreciate the dialogue of Metal Gear, but the story for both the SC and MGS series' are both fitting in that they are appropriate for each game... being that Snake has a much more complicated history than Fisher.

My only concern is that the direction Splinter Cell is going. I don't know how this came can capture the feel of the series when it's nothing like any of the other games. but if done right, the "hobo spy" role could be the next big thing; seeing that people do dress-up as hobos and bums to spy on people. At this point, you will also have to have played at least the last two Splinter Cell games to make sense of why he isn't donned in military gear or the direction of this current game.

Other than those concerns, I can see Splinter Cell being a good thing.

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gaminoz4071d ago

Well at least it's not New York again!

I hope it isn't an open-world city Washington DC. Part of the joy of Sam Fisher and spies is the variety of world locations.

REALgamer4071d ago

It was very brave of Ubisoft to massively extend its development schedule and try to rework it so it could compete with MGS4. Imagine the amount of money that's een sunk into it since it's been essentially developed almost twice over.

Hope it pays off, and good on Ubi for wanting to make sure it's up to the quality benchmark set by MGS4.

gaminoz4071d ago

We can hope! Can't wait to see it at E3!

Superfragilistic4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

The two games are so different its not funny.

MGS4 is a predominantly narrative driven, filmic experience with action based gameplay - and some stealth elements.

Splinter Cell is a predominantly gameplay driven experience focused on stealth mechanics - with a lighter narrative to give context.

The only thing they truly have in common is they are both awesome franchises, that no gamer should do without! ;)

La Chance4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

I dont think Ubi gives a rat ass about MGS4.You got a lot of imagination lol.

Its all about Splinter Cell and Spinter Cell only.

[email protected] gamer: what the heck are you talking about ?!
The game just didnt feel right, thats why they "took it back to the drawing board", my guess is that the game was probably plain out not fun.
I dont know where you get your "it was because of MGS4" talk.

REALgamer4071d ago

The devs actually mentioned it as the primary reason for the massive delay - they saw the new quality standards of current-gen stealth games such as MGS4 and decided to rework Conviction to make sure they stay at the top of the pile.

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DoctorQ4071d ago

batman look like bat-turd, Fisher for president lol
cant wait for this game

gaminoz4071d ago

He does need a bit of a shave though...

REALgamer4071d ago

It dampens the sounds of him whispering into his headset, as well as providing protections against uppercuts. Can also store food in there for when he gets hungry during the mission - a rumbling stomach would give him away!

Never underestimate the power of the beard.

No FanS Land4071d ago

Here's another beard powered awesome guy, chuck Norris of course.

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Droid Control4071d ago

Is thaqt the correct answer?

d0nT wOrrY4071d ago

Bioshok, Lost Planet 2, Ninja Gaiden 2, Tales .. etccc

theKiller4071d ago


since he have no chance to compete with MGS4, he took a fishing camp :).

Shane Kim4071d ago

I think the developers took a hard look at MGS4 and decided that they can't compete with it with GTA meets homeless person. (You know what I mean if you've watched the first shots of the game before it went back to the drawin board.)

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