Explore Venetica: Making Of Video Part 1

Deck 13's concept artist Felix Haas travelled, together with a camera crew, to Italy to show how the game is produced.

In part 1 of the videos, he explains how Deck 13 implemented this stunning city into the game. He shows which Venetian elements can be found in Venetica and how Deck 13 slightly changed the city to create the fantastic scenario of the game. Images from Venice as well as directly out of the game give a detailed impression of the overwhelming atmosphere, both of the original city and Venetica as a game.

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green3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

Been keeping an eye out on this game since it was announced a year ago.really love the use colors and its art design.Hope it delivers on the same level as other western RPG's this gen.

Top Cat3432d ago

I've been following this game from the start.
Looks beautiful they've got the art design right.
Looks to be a good ARPG
Q3 2009.
Suprised not many are interested:(

iDystopia3432d ago

Reminds me of Fable a bit.

Top Cat3432d ago (Edited 3432d ago )

I agree with you.
A new Text based Dev Diary on 'Charector Control' is coming very soon.
I've got screen caps for this video.
PM me for links