iPhone Otaku: Sonic the Hedgehog review on iPhone

First and foremost, what any Sega and Sonic fan needs to know is whether this is a 2D return to form that made the Hedgehog so popular in the first place, or is it another desperate attempt by Sega to bring him to the modern arena in another trite and broken 3D effort.

And they'll be delighted to hear it's the former, though it's important not to get too excited at this stage. This is one of those quick and dirty conversions that Sega will be forced to fix through numerous updates after the corporate embarrassment it'll suffer for such a clear lack of effort and disregard for the mascot - and his fans - that made the company what it is today.

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ealvinito3490d ago

This should be the start to something big for the iphone. This game is identical to the Genesis version 10/10. More big titles that are portable are hopefully coming to the iphone. Definitely beats the emulators.. ;)Good job "SEGA"