X360 Unannounced "AAA" Exclusive Confirmed for E3

Gameplayer has received word that of the four demos being shown behind closed doors by Microsoft at this year's E3, one of them will be a AAA title that has yet to be announced. Details inside...

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Sucks2BU4071d ago

Getting sick of sequels.

As long as it isn't something for XBLA or the next slab of crap from Rare I will be happy.

Lfmesquite4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

doesn't a game have to be reviewed before it can be AAA?

What does AAA mean?

I thought AAA meant average rating of 90% or above. (To most people anyway)


To me personally, AAA means the production value. Like Infamous probably will end up with an average rating of 86%-88% around there. But that game is AAA to me. On the same day PS3 also gets Cross Edge, that NIS RPG with characters from different games. Cross Edge is not AAA, Disagaea 3 is not AAA, a PSN title is not AAA.

To me, it's the size and production value that makes a game AAA. There's always failed AAA titles like Lair.

Maybe to most AAA means reviews of 90 and above. But to me it's more the production values of the project.

But if you think an average rating of 90% or above is what makes AAA, that's totally cool. I can understand that. That makes sense also.

For me it's just tough to think games like Resistance, Dead Rising, Uncharted, Infamous, Left 4 Dead, as not being AAA titles because they finished with an average rating lower than 90%, and yet something like that XBOX arcade game Braid is.

BRG90004071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

People often mistakenly use AAA to mean "a great game" or "a highly reviewed game".

The long established use of AAA in video gaming actually refers to the amount of hype, marketing and budget behind a game. A game doesn't have to be great to be AAA as long as it is a major, splashy release with high production values.

Lair would be an example of a game that could be considered AAA without being highly reviewed.

caladbolg7774071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Does that mean Microsoft has already secured the game's "AAA" status amongst reviewers? Nothing says Triple-A like bribe money and goodie-bags.

I did not murder him4071d ago

Much like PS3's supposed 2009 lineup?

ShabzS4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

ohohohh... wow... do u seriously believe that ?... they pay sties to write good reviews? ... anway 1.2 is right aaa means big budget and big name...

best hollywood example of a aaa new franchise hype... battle field earth ... was hyped to be the biggest thing to hit hollywood... aaa actors and aaa budget ... a lot of high production values... and after release its considered as the worst movie made to date... and blamed for almost killing trovoltas career..

caladbolg7774071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

"Much like PS3's supposed 2009 lineup?"

I dunno. Maybe? Microsoft pays for reviews? Sony pays for reviews? In my first post, I was alluding to past allegations of Microsoft "buying" reviews of exclusives, specifically Halo 3. How can Microsoft know that they have a AAA title on their hands when no one has seen it?

All in all, to me it doesn't matter. Albeit I prefer my PS3 over the 360, I couldn't give two-sh!ts about your console-war garbage. I'm a PC gamer.

morganfell4071d ago

The one thing to realize is "Demo shown behind closed doors" = not shipping this year.

vasilisk4071d ago

of course it's not going to be out this year. And that's an easy one, they're talking about Forza 3, which is still unannounced and it's going to be announced at E3.
Also I can give you an insiders tip. GT5 releases this holiday season and GoW3 in March. That's why they need to announce Forza 3 at E3.

Jdoki4071d ago

I generally class a AAA title as one the platform owner or the publisher has put their weight behind.

@I did not muder him... You are the saddest type of fanboy around. I've noticed a few of your posts recently, and they are all geared at hammering the PS3, and it's supporters, while not adding anything relevant or productive to the debate.

If you support the 360, that's fine. But at least say something interesting about it. Perhaps rather than taking a swipe at the PS3's line up you would care to tell us about all the confirmed AAA titles for 2009 on 360, or even better please highlight a few AAA titles I might have missed this year for the 360 - as my console is gathering dust.

Pika-pie4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Yep a new IP would be great. As long as its not Halo4 or Gears3 (Yaawwn). Show us something new MS other than Alan Wake.

AAA or not? - We will be the judge of that!

TheExecutive4071d ago

Please let it be a fresh new IP. MS is SERIOUSLY lacking this department this generation.

edgeofblade4071d ago

Guys, "AAA" does not mean anything about it's review scores. It's a class of game, from a publishing perspective.

Here is the loose hierarchy: Shovelware < Anime Game < Movie Tie-in < Budget Title < AAA Game

Any of those games can be rated anywhere in the ratings spectrum, but their "expected" quality of a AAA game is higher. For example, Haze was a "AAA" game... but it blew.

CaseyRyback_CPO4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Race Pro
Halo Wars
Ninja Blade
Velvet Assassin
Lost Odyssey

well everything except Gears2 and Braid.. was claimed to be "aaa" in 2008-2009. It means nothing until its reviewed as AAA, or unless it comes from an amazing dev like Kojima/Polyphony/Bungie who are actually known for their AAA budgets/quality.

PS360PCROCKS4071d ago

well no offense I agree about AAA being a great game. But their are games where you look at it and say "AAA for sure" I said it about Bioshock, Mass Effect, Uncharted 1 and 2, Gears Of war 1 and 2, Killzone 2, MGS 4

IaMs124071d ago

soo let me ask you this if they went and announced AAA Kojima game coming, would we get the same reaction? No probably not although his games are great and well known like MGS but that still does not guarantee a AAA game. So whats so different from this? We know nothing if its a already well established franchise coming out with a remake or sequel. Just wait and see and play it.

maniacmayhem4071d ago

How much a budget and marketing been put into a title.

Gears of War 2
Halo 3
Killzone 2
Metal Gear Solid 4

These are all considered triple A titles, they are usually tied to well established I.P.'s or sequels.

Think of them as Summer Blockbuster movies that everyone is pumped to watch.

Ldubbz4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

I just had an "argument" about what makes something AAA. At least from whats said here in N4G, AAA titles refer to those 90 or above on most reviews. Now people are saying its relative to the budget of the title. I dont know.

I know there's a sizable budget for say Madden 2010, but I never heard it called AAA. I know games like Castle Crashers and Flower are considered AAA, but that has nothing to do with their budgets.

Ryback sez Halo Wars isnt AAA, he told me this before. I disagree with him personally, its def AAA to me, but does that make it AAA in the general sense, since its reviews were good, some great, but overall under 90?

Like I said before, these are just labels that dont really mean anything.

menoyou4071d ago

Wow a big game to be announced at E3? I NEVER WOULDVE GUESSED!

Beast_Master4071d ago

It is either Forza 3 and/or Rare's next project. 4 Demos: Halo, Splinter Cell, Forza, and Alan Wake/Rare project/1 vs. 100? That is what I would bet at this point.

NickIni4071d ago

AAA before anything is known about the game?

F**k off.

Dark General4071d ago

How can a title be triple "A" before it even comes out? Isn't how good a game is determined AFTER it releases?

soxfan20054071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Not on N4G. A certain game recently was called such things as "best game ever", and "game of the year" well over a month before it's release. Just read some threads about upcoming hyped exclusives and you will see that actually playing a game is not a prerequisite for deeming it to be "AAA" quality.

II-Reaper-II4071d ago

I didnt know a game was triple AAA before it comes out.Did u?

BRG90004071d ago

Read the comments above yours, several of us have explained what the term AAA refers to. A company can announce that a game is AAA because they MAKE it AAA by putting their full support behind it, regardless of how it turns out.

NickIni4071d ago

How can "AAA" suddenly turn from meaning 90+ score over on Metacritic, to how much the game cost to produce?

You're kidding yourselves.

BRG90004071d ago

Metacritic has been around for a relatively short time. The term "AAA" to describe games has been around since at least the SNES/Genesis generation. Which definition do you think "suddenly" became which?

evilmonkey5014071d ago

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AAA, or Triple-A, may be a three-letter acronym or may just mean something that is high-quality, premier, or excellent.

Alcohog4071d ago

Aww the big baby 'I Did Not Murder Him' is always crying in every thread. Someone get him a bottle already.

IaMs124070d ago

I personally love how most people did not get what i was saying sigh. I also love it how everyone is like WHOA BIG GAME ANNOUNCEMENT! sarcasticly but whenever its a PS3 game people go all crazy and start hyping it up that the PS3 has another game coming. sigh

Megatron084066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

I think the fact that its being called a AAA title before anyone seen it means that its a sequel. They most likely basing it being AAA off the games that came before. My guess is KI3

Kojima’s countdown ends the same day as MS show. I think thats a really good sign that the game will be multi plat and be shown at MS's show.

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GiantEnemyCrab4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

I'm guessing that Epic Nano game. Whatever it is I'm happy to hear "AAA" and "Exclusive", the 360 needs them. It could use a couple more in addition to this.

Cajun Chicken4071d ago

Nano Strike? I'm hoping its of the old Epic quality, haven't really liked Epic's stuff this gen, or at least been as enthusiastic doesn't seem to have the charm of their old stuff on PC to me.

Tony P4071d ago

I'm thinking the Rare unannounced title. I agree though, MS needs to certainly 'wow' people (that should read 'wow me', as a fellow 360 owner) with more games. Sony is bringing it with both barrels.

MS's 360 could use far more than 'a couple' more exclusives. The only way I can see this balancing out is if MS announces some of the same third-party games we've seen announced for PS3 or has kept a sizeable amount of exclusives under impressive secrecy.

I don't see it happening, but I will certainly relish the taste of crow if it does.

vasilisk4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Easy one, it's Forza 3 (still unannounced)

TheExecutive4071d ago

god i hope it isn't forza. Seriously MS, spread your wings. These sequels are getting tiresome. I hope it's a fresh and new IP.

I don't want to ruffle the fanboy feathers but MS could really learn something from Sony this gen about new and fresh IP's.

Grown Folks Talk4071d ago

Sony has 2 previous generations of titles built up, so they should be expanding into newer titles now. With that being said, they still have tons of sequels as well. Killer Instinct, KOTOR 360(doubt it will be exclusive), or who knows. Doubt it's Forza because despite being unannounced, everybody knows it will come.

soxfan20054071d ago

"MS could really learn something from Sony this gen about new and fresh IP's."

Sony's upcoming lineup has lots of sequels, just like 360's. Sony's top three upcoming games are God of War 3, Uncharted 2, and Gran Turismo 5 - all sequels. Both also have some promising new IP's coming up. However, proven franchises are where the real money is, and Sony and MS know it. Neither company has a monopoly on fresh ideas.

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I LOL AT U4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Gameplayer is the most biased site. they tried to ruin Sony with the infamous review but it FAILED. I LOL At U

Edit: Sucks2BU. You work for them anyway so ofcourse you defend their shoddy reviews, everyone can look at your history and see. So quit it, your site is lame and will shut down in 6 months cause of the poor quality.

Sucks2BU4071d ago

Didn't they give infamous 8.5 or 9 anyway? That's pretty sweet for a non-hyped GTA clone

I LOL AT U4071d ago

They get paid by M$. Plus they don't even know what good games are, they come from Australia so that is why they don't know how good inFAMOUS is, they aren't real gamers

Cajun Chicken4071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

What, are you two named by Prince or something?

EDIT: Well done for anybody that gets that.^

Sucks2BU4071d ago

Question of U - did you click the links 2 da anti MS article?

mastiffchild4071d ago

Anyone who had a girlfriend in the 80's will wince with the knowledge Cajun and you well know it. The little mans propensity for abbreviating practically everything with numbers and vowels was so wisespread among girls back then writing their little notes of endearment that many of us older gamers have been scarred for life by the memory of having our names dragged into it!

The release of Purple Rain(the album not the, shudders, film)has much to answer for in my book.

pixelsword4071d ago

Baby if you want me to!

*licks fingers whilst rubbing hair, nipples, stomach, and making love to a guitar*

edgeofblade4071d ago

You heard it here first. Infamous "is" a good game, right now, despite it hasn't been released yet.

I don't see ANYTHING special about Infamous... but Killzone 2 surprised me, so I shouldn't count it out...

... but it's still completely irrational to declare a game a success until... ya know... it actually succeeds.

Silly gameAr4071d ago

Comments like that are the reason people think PS3 fans are rabid retards that worship their console above all else.

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a32904071d ago

I guess it is Rare's new game.

caladbolg7774071d ago (Edited 4071d ago )

Perfect Dark Zero-2 is NOT my idea of "AAA".

-MD-4071d ago

I disagree Perfect Dark is a AAA in my book.

caladbolg7774071d ago

Perfect Dark (N64) WAS Triple-A. Perfect Dark Zero... not so much.

-MD-4071d ago

I prefer Zero over Dark so my opinion still stands.

BX814071d ago

I laughed my a$$ off when I saw your avatar! Please tell me that's supposed to be Edward Scissor hands with a really bad hang over and not Wolverine! LOL!

a32904071d ago

My friend, that's Wolverine

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