Second Life Racks Up 1 Billion Voice Minutes, Linden Lab Announces New Services

Linden Lab has announced that it is currently averaging one billion voice-minutes per month. That's time actively engaged in a voice session, not just time spent with voice support enabled. That's quite a statistic. That puts Second Life's voice service right up there among the top VoIP providers, and around 12% of Skype. That's very impressive.

In the 18 months since voice was introduced, roughly 15 billion voice-minutes have been served, through Vivox's voice services for Second Life. Additionally there are new products/services. Some available from today, and some scheduled for later this year.

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ReBurn4066d ago

How would Linden Labs know whether people were engaged in voice conversations or just had voice enabled?

skip2mylou4066d ago

how many of those are sexual harrasers?