Gears of War 2 Title Update 4 To Add EXP For Horde

In a preview of the Dark Corners DLC by G4 something rather interesting came up part way through. It would appear that title update 4 will be adding EXP for Horde mode.

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KionicWarlord2223439d ago

That looks like a achievement you have to get.

outlawlife3439d ago

if they do add xp for horde it is going to be so little it won't matter

i just hit level 40 today on regular matches and the pace is crawling now

Sayai jin3439d ago

I am at 36 and is has been really slow ever since level 25.

On topic, it will be a nice addition even if you do not get a whole lot of Exp.

Lich1203439d ago

Im lvl 34, its pretty slow at that point. Although, I haven't played in a long time since I went back to gears 1 multi... I really hope the third gears feels more like the first and less like the second.

PotNoodle3438d ago

I havn't played online much since the game came out.. due to the problems the game has.. but after the rank patch came out i got up to around rank 17, but one day - randomly, my rank just reset after i disconnected my hard drive (while the console was off) for 2 minutes, then put it back on.

Why isn't the rank stored and sync'd on their servers?!

JeffGUNZ3438d ago

I am at level 39 and it's to the point now where it's about 25 games to level up and that is with my finishing in the top 2 every match. It's going to take forever to get to 100...They need more Double XP weekends!

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Capital Dream3438d ago

this is one of the DLC that i want.

outlawlife3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

the more i play this game lately the more i appreciate what it could have been

in a game where everybody has a decent connection and there isn't a host running away with the game it becomes really fun

i wish they would alter the grenade sticking so grenades don't spawn every 20 seconds in guardian and all you have is a leader surrounded by stuck grenades

perhaps change the smoke grenades to a pickup because right now you still get screwed by them too much, as soon as a smoke goes off you get the chainsaw sharks running in never have a chance

if this game would have been pushed back until february and they added a public beta it could been absolutely fantastic

but as it stand it is marginally fun online but the campaign is awesome, which is probably the only reason i'll pick up this pack

however i know the 'deleted' scene is only going to be a tiny thing and its going to upset me, at least i'll get 2 play throughs and a bunch of maps for my troubles

definitely picking up the disc version though, you egt raped on the live prices

JeffGUNZ3438d ago

Your 100% right. The game is incredible, but some aspects make it so frustrating. Taking away the concussion grenades and the sticking of grenades. I can't tell you how annoying it is to spawn, run 5 feet and trip a grenade. I am sick of people sticking them by all the weapons, it ruins the flow of the game. When you combine the host advantage and always being on your back from smoke grenades, like it's a slumber party, one tends to get frustrated rather quickly.

ii_Mar3438d ago

do the seriously glitch if you have a life lol im not gonaa spend my entire life on that game

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