Do you even care about E3?

From pixelatedgeek: "So far I've heard complaints that its just a hypefest. Which is true, but that aside, what is it about E3 coverage from the media that you do not like? My crew will be there and it will be our first time at an E3. Tell me what you really want as far as types of information, pictures and videos."

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GameGambits3439d ago

Well since you put this up on N4G I suppose it wouldn't hurt to actually give you a tip on what would be a solid E3 coverage.

1) Any big MP games announced on any system---ask about dedicated servers. Pass word around that dedicated servers are a must now. I especially want you to do this with Naughty Dog for Uncharted 2. Wear a T-shirt saying"Dedicated servers = Megan Fox. Peer to Peer host = Rosie O' Donnel"

2) Score some interviews with the games we know very little about in terms of gameplay. Find out Heavy Rains mechanics, since Indigo Prophecy only had 3 things you do the whole game. Ask Alan Wake's devs the same.

3) Try to score some exclusive info from Kojima Productions. You'd have to be high to not want to know more about what he announces. Also mention to anyone at Konami these things:
A) Give Metal Gear Online Dedicated Servers
B) Bring out a next gen Suikoden game

4) Talk to Cliffy B and ask him why he won't spend some of the money they've made for dedicated servers. Ask him why they didn't beta test Gears 2. Ask him why his company refuses to deliver a non bugged product. Honestly though start a fight with him if you can beat him up and put it on youtube. :)

5) Talk to Capcom about Lost Planet 2 and really stress dedicated servers for that too.

In conclusion---do you see the major trend? No matter who you talk to mention dedicated servers. I want to know who I can write off as a lazy game developer already so I don't bother with their games anymore until they evolve.

Also, if Legend of Dragoon 2 doesn't get announced mention to Sony that fans are screaming for it. :D

pixelsword3439d ago

no one can mess that up.


iseven3439d ago

true. but that's a given.

GiantEnemyCrab3439d ago

E3 is like the Super Bowl of video games. You bet I care!

greyfox2353439d ago

who are these guys and why do they get to go?

iseven3439d ago

we are pixelatedgeek. we get to go because we created a site and continue to maintain in on our free time on top of the day jobs that we have. We agreed to take on the stresses that keeping a website up comes with. We agreed to fork over the money it takes to establish a small business. we agreed to fork over the travel/lodging expenses to get to e3 and stay there for the week. we agreed to take on the stresses that e3 comes with. That is why we get to go. Until you do something similar, you will get to go as well.

Tony P3439d ago

I don't care enough to actually go, haha. I suppose that's bit of a sin for gamers living in LA... But I care deeply about what's announced there.

horris393439d ago

hello hello,

I dont really care about E3, just the games and announcements. They could of announced and show a lot of what they are going to show at e3 all through out the year.

I would rather have christmas spread out throuhg the whole year and get a present each month instead of 12 presents in one day and none for the rest of the year. thats just me i guess

Jdoki3439d ago


Totally agree.

I'm sick of constantly seeing these '2009 is year of the 360' - when the year is almost half over and I've not bought a single 360 game in '09.

As an avid gamer I want a good spread of games throughout the year. I hate the idea that 2009 is actually just the last 3-4 months of the year.

I cann understand that this is the most profitable for devs/publishers. But what's wrong with launching a game now (like inFamous), and then marketing the hell out of it at the end of the year as well.

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