E3 Hope: Top 5 Point and Click Titles Remade For XBLA

OXCGN's E3 "Point and Click" adventure titles wishlist for XBLA, and why they should be re-made:

"What E3 hopes do I have beyond the usual announcements and new footage of upcoming big titles?

Point and Click Adventure Games!

Point and Click Adventure games were all the rage a decade ago. They were games anyone could play on their computer. They didn't strain your PC's graphics card and they only required you to use your mouse. Perfect button timing, fast reflexes, and a familiarity with controller setups weren't necessary. They were almost as fun to watch as they were to play."

UPDATE: They have an update saying that The Secret of Monkey Island IS possibly coming to 360.

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Godem3490d ago

AWESOME LIST! I love alllllllll those games on there...

it would be awesome to get them on consoles or even the PC again...

as most of them except for The Longest Journey (thanks to Steam..) have a lot of trouble running on modern hardware/software.

gaminoz3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I still love those games, but would also like to see the Broken Sword games on XBLA. I know there is a Wii remake though.

Good news if true about Monkey Island coming to 360!!! That game got my wife and me gaming together back in the early 90s.

FreeMonk3490d ago

1. Monkey Island 2: Le' Chucks Revenge
2. Grim Fandango
3. Sam and Max
4. Full Throttle
5. Day of the Tentacle

Loom just missed the list. I go so far way back in the 90's, but got stuck and never finished it :(

XboxOZ3603490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

if Monkey Island does come to the 360 as predicted, then there's many an older gamer that will be forking out for a machine, just to play that game on LIVE.

Cajun Chicken3490d ago

You're kidding me, you DON'T want Simon the Sorcerer?

Godem3490d ago

only 5 games can be in the top 5 list... :D

Superfragilistic3490d ago

Monkey Island and Grim Fandango will be wicked.

But where the hell is Day of the Tentacle and Full Throttle? And what about some good ol Sam & Max?

Immortal Kaim3490d ago

As I was never a PC gamer back in the day, I have missed out on some of these classic gaming milestones. I hope these do come out for XBLA so I will finally be able to experience them.

Cajun Chicken3490d ago

I just don't see it happening with the controller, as Playstation proved, click adventure games don't really work on D-Pads and analogue sticks. You have to have a mouse or somekind of pointing or tracking device, IMO.

I LOL AT U3490d ago

Xbox couldn't even do point and click, they don't have mouse support like Sony

Superfragilistic3490d ago

As Cajun pointed out in another thread... no need for a mouse if you've got a 3D motion tracking camera! lol

God I hope so. ;)

I LOL AT U3490d ago

LOL for XBLA, no one wants there games on XBLA

gaminoz3490d ago

I think Monkey Island will be great on XBLA

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The story is too old to be commented.