Eurogamer: Demigod Review

Eurogamer writes: "I've enjoyed many horrendous dreams through years of game-induced sleep-deprivation, but I've never had such a stupid nightmare as "trying to launch a multiplayer-only game which doesn't work in multiplayer". Yet that's what the Gas Powered Games boys, and their loyal fans, have had to put up with for the past month. If faith was ever panhandled, this beggars belief."

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Sanzee4070d ago

I got my hands on a beta version of this game awhile back and tested it out at my friend's house. F*cking weak. Don't buy this game unless you just love dissapointment.

aaron58294070d ago

I guess i gotta cancel my pre-order of inFamous then.


blitz06234070d ago

well Eurogamer thinks it's as good/bad as InFamous. Pathetic website

EvilCackle4070d ago

Somehow I just knew the conversation was going to take that turn.

i_i_n4070d ago

i saw a buddy of mine playing this yesterday, and all i can say is that it seemed exactly like a DOTA from warcraft III online. you select a hero, creatures continually respawn as allies or enemies, you must either kill XX amount of enemy heroes or all their base, you gain levels, skills, you get money to buy equipment etc.

just stick with the WCIII DOTA games in my opinion, you'll save yourself some money and have a better game.

just my two cents.