X-Play: 'Terminator Salvation' Review

X-Play writes: "With the deluge of blockbuster summer movies, videogames trying to take advantage of the ravenous fan base tend to creep out of every dark corner like slugs on a wet sidewalk. Terminator Salvation slithers its way to your local store shelves, but this movie tie-in at least comes with the hopes of a relaunched franchise. The dystrophic fantasy that rolled out before every other Terminator movie has finally become a reality as John Conner loses his whiney teenage bravado for semi-automatic guns and a fist full of grenades. Killer robots and giant explosions are the building blocks of most action game. Terminator Salvation tries to play it safe when it should be aiming to be the ultimate terminator."

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Obama4073d ago

'Terminator Salvation' blows but xplay is still a joke.

WildArmed4073d ago

I had high hopes for this one.

/end sarcasm