Game Meets Girl Reviews Heavenly Sword

Game Meets Girl from reviews Heavenly Sword. View the video review after the jump.

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raztad3464d ago

I got this game not long ago, and its quite a truly unique gem. Its only downside is its length, but its visuals are very good, storytelling, narrative and character performing are second to none. Game is very fun too, showing variety and very good bosses fights. At least a 8.5/10 in my books.

Insomnia_843464d ago

right!! I still play this game sometimes, it is one of the few games I've kept cuz its just great, its got awesome graphics, and...Nariko is [email protected](king hot!! lol

ravinash3464d ago

This is a good game that I sometime pickup again when looking through my library. While short, you still manage to get plenty of play out of it.
Plus I'm sure you can get it on sale these days.

prunchess3464d ago

I've just recently picked it up again, for free, having traded it in after completing it the first time it came out. Very few games have character animations and voicing as good as Heavenly Sword. The gameplay and music is top notch also. It's a great game if not very long but still worthy of purchase.

Narutone663464d ago

when it turn into "The Best" series. It's still very expensive in my region at about US$60.

himdeel3464d ago

...I was in Bergamo yesterday and it's like 59 Euro but in Amsterdam I saw it at the airport for around 39-45 Euro if I recall correctly.

prunchess3464d ago

you'll pick up a copy for 10 Euro maybe less.


and Frustrating, with the Sixaxis controlled arrow thingee,

I would want to pick it up and put it back in, and then remember how hard the arrow parts were, and put it back down. LOL

I was happy when this came out