Gamespot : Terminator Salvation review (PC version)

Chris Watters from Gamespot writes:

"If you've ever wondered why movie tie-in games have such a bad reputation, Terminator Salvation can provide an instructive example. Though this third-person shooter is technically sound, it seems to rely entirely on the presumption that you'll be so jazzed to be playing as characters from the movie that you won't notice how boring and shallow the action is. Most of the game has you jogging from skirmish to skirmish, fighting the same three enemies and using the same cover-and-flank maneuver."

The Good
* Post-apocalyptic LA looks suitably ruined
* Interesting cover mechanic.

The Bad
* Simplistic, repetitive combat
* Only five hours long; full retail price
* So-so visuals hamper cutscenes
* Problematic on-rails sequences
* Doesn't convey any sense of drama or excitement.

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Sarcasm3464d ago

Wow, 5/10?

MGS4 on the 360 confirmed

xabmol3463d ago


So random it's funny! xD

3463d ago
y0haN3463d ago

It's called a joke, don't be butthurt.

Timesplitter143464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

Please explain the link between a terrible PC game, MGS4 and the X360

edit : sorry looks like the reply button doesn't work for me

Sarcasm3463d ago

There isn't any.

That's the point.


KilZoneGeneralStrife3464d ago

Wtf was the devs thinking?5 hours long?what did they fill? A 750mb gamecube disc?

SlyGuy3464d ago

I was hoping for a semi-decent (at least) Terminator game.

I will never forget the old Arcade Terminator with the gun!

Matpan3463d ago

That arcade was THE terminator game... How much would one of those cost nowadays?...

SlyGuy3461d ago

I could always find room in the house for that arcade setup.

kaveti66163463d ago

A lot of reviewing sites are criticizing the visuals but I think the game looks pretty damn good from the screenshots and gameplay that I saw.