Fun with Stereotypes Starring Punch-Out

Any game that features combatants from around the world tends to play up the differences between cultures. The Mexican dude will probably have a luchador mask and love maracas, the Aussie wears a boomerang for a belt, stuff like that. It's understandable to a certain degree, but GamesRadar have to admit, Punch-Out!!, as a series, has a lot more (good natured) fun with stereotypes than any other game they can think of.

They say laughter is the best medicine, so what better way is there to sooth racial tensions than with friendly jabs at everyone's equal expense?

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Smacktard3464d ago

"Bad Editing: (24 minutes ago) Fixed 17 minutes ago
please remove "!!" from title "


that is the name of the game.

Also this article was a great read. I was afraid they'd de-stereotyped Punch-Out!! Wii to make it more family-friendly or something.

Tony P3464d ago

What a great article. I particular like the fun historical facts. Now that's writing and research.

DNAgent3464d ago

Not really sure what he researched when he wrote this...

"Tasteful Black American trivia: We all know Barack Obama is the first black US president, but did you know Shirley Chisholm was the first black AND first woman presidential candidate way back in 1972? She lost the nomination to George McGovern, who then lost to Nixon, who ended up resigning the office in 1974. Whatta country!"

Obama isn't the first black president if he's half-white. I'm sure people would like to believe that he's the first black president because another one will probably never be picked again (at least not in this lifetime). The trivia also forgot to mention that he's a failure of a president. I wouldn't mind living in Canada, Japan, or Europe with him as the president.

velaxun3464d ago

the article made me lol.

@above, I'm one of the canucks you mentioned above, but from our point of view as your hat, it appears he's doing just fine. Yes his budget adds more national debt to the country but alot of times you have to spend money to make money correct? If you wouldn't mind could you educate me a little more on his misgivings, thanks a bunch!

(I know this is the internet so I need to point out the above was in no way sarcastic and I'm entirely serious, i really do want to know why you think he's a failure as a president)

Tony P3464d ago

@DNAAgent: I'm not on N4G to debate politics. I appreciate the author's article regardless of what you think of Pres. Obama personally.

BWS19823464d ago

is speaking of his entitled opinion. Not all Americans here think that way at all. Moving on.

silvacrest3463d ago (Edited 3463d ago )

i dont aggree with you but your opinion is just as valid as mine also,
100+ days and you deem him a failed president already? sounds like you made your mind up long before then

one last thing, if you think hes already failed what about bush?
hes arguably the worst president in US history

@velaxun, im gonna jump the gun and say he never wanted obama as president and i'll go so far as to say hes a little racist

i apologize if i got that completly wrong

DNAgent3463d ago

If you read my original post & then looked at the attached image then you would also know how I feel about Bush.

Also, I think you're the one being a little bit racist as you assume that I am anything but black because I don't defend "the first black president" (as this article says).

silvacrest3462d ago

you dont have to defend him but give him a chance atleast

unless he has made a huge mistake that i am unaware of 100+ days doesnt= failed president you didnt even give reasons to back your claims

and like i said, if i jumped the gun calling you out i apologize

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butterfinger3464d ago

Punch-Out!! If you haven't played it yet, you should really do yourself a favor and pick up a copy. It is actually a lot more challenging than I was expecting it to be.

Torch3464d ago

Yeah, I gave it a quick go earlier today. Only got to the third guy, but I had a blast dueling with the first two.

What control configuration are you using?...I started with the default motion-sensing controls, but I seem to get a little ahead of myself, and tend to over-punch before Little Mac can respond.

Lotsa fun, no doubt. If any of you are Punch Out! fans, you're gonna feel right at home...only better!

slave2Dcontroller3464d ago

Everytime I mention this game I get a Disagree. Glad to see that there are people on here enjoying it.

It is an amazing and very fun title. Its the best thing I played on the Wii. I'm oldschool so I only use the D-Pad and face button set up.

Wait til you guys see the Disco Kid!!! That is COM-E-DY!

I LOL AT U3463d ago

Nintendo are renowned for being racist.