Project Sylph Update

Great news for fans of Square Enix, Gamearts and Xbox 360. Project Sylph, a new Xbox 360 shooter first announced by Square Enix at a Microsoft press conference prior to E3, is in the works for a year 2006 Japanese release. The latest issue of Famitsu has first details.

Project Sylph is indeed the next game in the Silpheed line of shooters. Although not officially labeled a sequel, the title promises to expand upon the classic Gamearts franchise.

The game takes place far in the future, hundreds of years after humans have taken to the stars in space vessels and conquered the galaxy. Mankind has spread to two new planets, who are referred to as "Refugee Planets" and whose resources are used to feed the drying Earth.

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shotty6188d ago

Sounds cools, I hope it's an MMO