Aion: The Tower of Eternity Collector's Edition

Sebastian Streiffert a representative for Aion mentioned on his Twitter that they will be making the official announcement next week.

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rebirthofcaos4067d ago

just release it on my ps3 a long with guild wars 2 and blade and soul

PlayStation3604067d ago

I know it might be a long shot. But Aion/Blade & Soul on PS3...
that's a must have in my Library. No doubt.

Vagrant_14067d ago

I want those games as well on my ps3. Im praying ncsoft puts those games on ps3 and show them at E3

brodels4067d ago

hopefully!! aion looks tight

Sniper_amer4067d ago

been playing ffxi for years and after seeing some vids of aion, its first day buy for me, got some friends we will start a guild there and play!!