E3 2009 vs. E3 1995

The E3 floor plans are part of the industry's on-going dick measuring contest - who's got the dough to toss at a couple hundred square feet in Los Angeles' poorly deodorized convention hall.

Off this year's floor plan, the top contenders are Sony, Nintendo of America and Activision in West Hall and Microsoft, Square-Enix, EA, Disney and Ubisoft in South Hall. No surprises really, though the actual special planning - notably Square-Enix's close proximity to Microsoft - might kick up a couple baseless rumors.

However, things are spicier with some historical context. Like say how does having the biggest booth benefit you in the long run? Well, a few months back, the kind folks at GameSetWatch posted a floor plan for E3 1995. Let's compare.

The award for most wasteful goes to SEGA, whose booth space at E3 95 is approximately equal to Mircosoft, Square-Enix and EA's combined booth space at 2009.

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