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Play writes: "As far as I'm concerned the fat lady was bound and gagged until Sucker Punch's first game hit the streets. Now the PS3 is officially launched. I was actually kind of dreading the day I'd finally play inFAMOUS, having thoroughly convinced myself that Sucker Punch had lost their minds the moment I laid eyes on the regular Joe that would follow in the footsteps of one of the most fun-to-control and charismatic characters to ever grace the widescreen-Sly Cooper. How do you top a suave raccoon that hangs out with a turtle and a hippopotamus? The last game in the Sly series came with custom red/blue glasses to play the special 3D levels. Do you have any idea how cool that is? How's a guy in a motorcycle jacket that shoots electricity out of his hands supposed to compete with that? I wouldn't care if I didn't absolutely love everything Sucker Punch touches, but I've been on the bandwagon since they revolutionized physics on the N64 with Rocket Robot on Wheels."

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Cyrax_873440d ago

Too bad I'm going to miss paying this game on launch cause my PS3 stopped reading discs :(

cranium3440d ago

Talk about bad timing man. But can you still download and play the demo?
Can't wait for the demo tomorrow!

Why o why3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

*loads copy of infamous* ;) the games not perfect but it definitely amps up and pulls you in when you get the better powers. about 27% in and have done every single side mission available to the karma arc so far. Ive also noticed you cant chose the difficulty from the start or it counts as a change. It also ups the difficulty depending on your performance on the previous level/mission arc

cranium3440d ago

So it adapts the difficulty according to how well you play? I thought you got to pick the difficulty at the beginning?

Cyrax_873440d ago

lol, I know what you mean. I don't care though, I got 2 years warranty on this sucker, just wish Sony'll send my console back quick.

xwabbit3440d ago

U tried cleaning the lens ?

themyk3440d ago

you'll get it fast. My launch 20 gig died. I called up paid my 150 they over nighted me a box with an over night return address label. Then they snail mailed it back. Took about two weeks. Make sure you keep the box they mail it back to you in. Sucker is great if you ever have to move or something sucker is super custom.

Why o why3440d ago

i would of thought so too but there are no options before you start the game. It asked me after the first level if i wanted to make the game harder. Its been on hard ever since. ***Just made it to the 2nd island. Starts with hardly any powerpoints to suck off***, im calling it a night:(

infamous_273440d ago

Dude I feel your pain. My PS3 broke 2 hours ago :(

PlaystationSamurai3440d ago

Funniest sh!t, Play changed the review from a 9.5 TO 10

JokesOnYou3440d ago

maybe they will change their review for Bionic Commando, they originally gave it a 9.5 too. lmfao I can bet if this happened with a 360 exclusive the n4g sony loyalist would be calling for their heads with claims of bias.


xwabbit3440d ago

JokesOnYou get help bro :(, fan boy flu isn't good for any 1

GiantEnemyCrab3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

He speaks the truth silly wrabbit!

And I love this game but there is no way it deserves a perfect score.

However, that's his opinion and that's fine they just lost whatever credibility they had with me.

Same guys who gave Lair 9/10? Yeah, no bias here.

LeShin3439d ago

Sorry GiantEnemyCrab but I will disagree with you, because I loved Lair and finished it 3 times without any control issues. Don't get me started on all the undeserved 10's that the so called 'big reputable websites' gave GTA 4 which in turn led me to queue for that bloody game at a midnight launch only to be extremely disappointed knowing that San Andreas was MILES better and Saints Row 2 was much more fun and traded the game in after 3 weeks! Everybody and website are entitled to their opinion. Infamous looks brilliant but I'll have to purchase the game to be sure.

theKiller3439d ago

while the other side is still waiting for their promised DLC LOL!

even these DLC is coming to PS3 too!!!! fallout DLC for example!

redsquad3439d ago

Not sure why people still say "no game should get a 10 because no game is perfect".

This isn't quantum physics and there are no absolutes. Giving a brilliant game 9.999 recurring because a '10' would suggest perfection is plain silly. 10 just means 'exceptional' in my view, not 'perfect'. If anyone DOES take it to mean the latter than they're treating game scoring as rocket science when it isn't justified or needed.

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Dead_Cell3440d ago

If this supposed disk read error ever hits me there will be SUCH TERRIBLE VENGEANCE THAT GENERATIONS UNBORN WILL CRY OUT IN ANGUISH.

Lotard33440d ago

Hahaha. Love that speech from Visari. Gonna have to break it out at a party sometime.

phosphor1123440d ago

I just read that in his

inbfour3440d ago

I enjoyed this review. One of the few that is actually long enough for actual credit. However he does sound a little bias but who really cares.

mintaro3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Isn't this the same site that gave lair a 9/10? Now from playing the demo I know infamous is good, but i'm taking this review with a grain of salt.

Panthers3440d ago

From what I have heard, Lair is good. I plan on getting it eventually.

lloyd_wonder3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

This site isn't an only PlayStation affiliated site, if that's what you're getting at. Otherwise, who cares what they gave Lair? A game from '07...

Aclay3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

I don't know if this site gave Lair a 9/10 or not, but 1UP gave InFamous a A-/A+, IGN U.S. gave it a 9.2/10, and IGN UK gave it a 9/10 so I don't see why there should be any skepticism in this review when other credible sites have given InFamous 9's.

One thing for sure, Lair wasn't as bad as most reviews made it out to be, because I have it and enjoyed it. I'd give Lair maybe an 8/10, but it definantly wasn't as bad game if you could grasp the mandatory Sixaxis controls at the time.

Cupid_Viper_33440d ago

dont be salty, lol. But a question though, if indeed he did review Lair and gave it a 9, are you saying he was wrong for Liking game?

I played Lair and in my book its a solid 8/10, people complained about the CONTROL, because, acutally, that was the ONLY thing to complain about. Visuals are great, you actually get Dizzy if you move around to much and your eyes starts playing tricks on you because there's so much beauty in the game.

Anyways, to each his onw, right. Good review.

mastiffchild3440d ago

Lair debate!! I think Lair is ne of the most unlucky games in the history of the industry.

They really tried to make the Sixaxis something it really isn't but,like me, if you got the game for a fiver brand new(along with The Darkness and Folklore-three games for 15 sheets and all underrated imo)theres PLENTY to admire in the game.

It looks amazing for a launch title(still stands up now really)and some of the environments are stunning-hell I even like doing some remote play in the garden when it's warm! If you can see past the controls, or like my little lad somehow become good with them(really I have no idea how he does it)then it's more than just an okay game and I think it's already far better than it's reviews would have you thinking. My littlun would prolly give it a 9/10 though I suspect a 7.5 is all it really deserves(at the very best) as the controls are quite an issue.

Haze and Too Human, on the other hand, were just cack.

ButterToast3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Lair was a good game. people were still in (and some still are in) the motion controls = fail! mode. also the game was pretty challenging and gamers today want to be pampered. The sixaxis controls are good, I give it 8.5/10.


Lair did have its problems but none of them were gamebreaking. the biggest problem I think were that the devs really tried to do too much. 1080p, god knows how many things going on at the same time along with god knows how many enemies, sixaxis controls, remote play (only PS3 game I know that has it). the game was probably rushed out too.

Haze wasn't bad, there were/are just so many better FPS games out. i'd give it a 7/10. its a decent FPS but nothing special.

Christopher3439d ago

I think Lair was hurt because I do believe they were coerced to focus on the Six-axis controller features rather than implementing standard controls alongside them.

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NegativeCreep4273440d ago

Where the hell are you?

Have you run out of unsustainable Fud to spew?

theKiller3439d ago

another AAA exzclusive for the ps3!

while the bots still waiting for their DLC LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL

talltony3439d ago (Edited 3439d ago )

When sucker punch makes another game that Mart hates! I just want to... jizz in my pants!...jizz in my pants!

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