D+PAD: inFamous Review

D+PAD: inFamous is a euphoric example of tight, well-constructed narrative and strong game design, and a title that won't only be remembered as the best superhero game to date, but also as one of the PS3's finest moments.

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SmokingMonkey3491d ago

someone, start talking about sales. /s

Dead_Cell3491d ago

Or has N4G been FLOODED with InFAMOUS reviews today?

aldesko3491d ago

Embargo was lifted today.

Sangria3491d ago

Yep, that's just how embargoes work. Gaming journalism sites have a timed NDA about informations and reviews, and the publisher decides when the information can be public or not. This is how most of the reviews are released in the same days and how official informations circulates (example: the Bethesda's embargo about Fallout 3's DLC ended yesterday).