Sony's E3 Promises, One Year Later

Kotaku writes: "Not many great things are remembered from the 2008 E3 press conference, but, we've learned, when Jack Tretton promises something, you can take it to the bank.

To get you ready for this E3, we've subjected ourselves to re-living the major press conferences of last year's big show. We've pulled all of the predictions, promises and other verbal constructions Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony used to get you excited about their console.
And we've seen what became of all those thrilling statements.
Sony, your promises are being checked today".

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PirateThom3463d ago

I lol at the bias Kotaku grading system... this was based on delivering on promises, but apparently it doesn't matter if you deliver on promises, you need to make wild predictions.

Hydrolex3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

take a look at PS3 games, updates, features and upcoming games !

and by the way, sites like KOTAKU and GameTrailers are the worst to prove something

xwabbit3462d ago

This is kotaku, this shouldn't be taken seriously.

GWAVE3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Microsoft promised they would fix the 360 hardware forever ago....

....yet no one gives them flak, huh?

Of course, it's no big surprise to see Kotaku appoint themselves as the "truth Police" for things Sony has said.

Bathyj3462d ago

Did they actually promise to fix it?

I thought they promised that "things break."

50CALheadshot3462d ago

its the only way they can badmouth the ps3 momentum.

Maddens Raiders3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

E3 '05

Sony's back on their B.S. for real.

...God Bless Ken Kutaragi

redsquad3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

"Fred promised me £100
Fred came through and paid up in full

Harry promised me £1000
But Harry backed down and only gave me 50p.

Harry offered me the most so he's now my bestest friend!"

maniacmayhem3462d ago

Kotaku already did the same articles on Microsoft and Nintendo...and yet only the Sony one gets posted here...why is that?

And did any of you even read the article? Kotaku is seeing if any of the promises made by Sony at the E3 came true and most of them did.

There's no Sony bashing at all.

So why the hate?

IdleLeeSiuLung3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

I agree. This site tends to blindly bash sites they don't like. Perhaps this site's users are biased against Kotaku due to the Sony/Kotaku fiasco....

edit: Just for reference, Nintendo got a C rating while both Sony and MS got a B, but NO that means Kotaku is biased against Sony!

redsquad3462d ago

Just a gut reaction to Kotaku I suppose. For some bizarre reason they manage to bring out the cynic in me... Can't imagine why.

The Holy Trinity3462d ago

For those of you screaming about bias, you do know that Kotaku wrote the same article for MS and Nintendo?

I find Kotaku's writing to be funny, and non-biased. Just because people say things you dont like doesnt make them biased. Sorry.

Bathyj3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Its kotaku.

I'm not about to give them hits by actually (see again) READING their articles.

If you want to know why Sony fans hate them, I'm sure anyone with more time than me could find literally a hundred examples from the last year. If I had a girlfriend that sucked as much as them, I would be a happy man. Well, I am a happy man, but I digress.

morganfell3462d ago

The Kotaku hate for Sony goes back to when Kotaku uncovered a secret Sony project called "Home". Sony asked Kotaku to hold off on saying anything so they could make an announcement and have a nice media event. Kotaku said, "No it's news and people need to know. Thanks for confirming it isn't fake. Bye" and they announced Home and screwed Sony.

Sony threatened to blacklist Kotaku from any Sony info ever. They didn't, but Kotaku never forgot the threat and has hated Sony ever since no matter how many times Sony gives them info.

This is one area where I really despise Sony. They should have cut Kotaku off at the ankles. They don't need Kotaku, Kotaku needs them.

Brian Crecente is one of the grandest morons of all time. He could easily have shown some respect and there is no doubt Kotaku would have been Sony's go to site. Instead they burned Sony for a week's worth of press. As I said, CRECENTE IS A REMARKABLE JERKWAD DIRTBAG OF THE GRANDEST IMAGINING.

ultimolu3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Joketaku never shuts the hell up about the PS3 do they? It's the same old biased crap every single minute.

They're freaking annoying. Seriously, they are. They're just as bad as the idiots who continue to bash Sony every five minutes for mistakes they've made and are now learning from them.

Isn't it enough to say that Sony has learned from their mistakes?

And another thing, two years ago I would have sold my PS3 but I'm glad I didn't. There's so many games coming out that I can't keep up with them or finish the ones I already have.

Sony promised games and they *delivered*. That's what matters to me.

maniacmayhem3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Sorry to hear that Sony fans(boys) hate the site. I find it a very good site. Just as good as any other gameing site on this here thing called the eeternet.

Also they have had numerous articles on RRoD but I guess if you're a Sony fan you wouldn't even count or recognize those articles.

Edit: @ ultimolu
Jesus Christ! Read the article! KOTAKU says that they DID deliver on all the promises that mattered!
Again this article DOES NOT BASH SONY!

barom3462d ago

People are mad because of this:

"Wow. We are humbled by the accuracy of Mr. Jack Tretton. We'd almost give him and Sony an A. Except... almost none of these were big guesses that were hard-to-believe, were they? Microsoft reached a little further, got a couple more wrong.... That evens out. Sony, you get a B."

The last part the most I guess. Don't really care about these articles but sounds like a lame excuse just to lower the score for Sony no? But meh whatever, I never truly liked Kotaku anyway. They've always felt very unprofessional and they like to steal articles without giving proper credit.

The Lazy One3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

I could look out the window and tell you "I predict in exactly 15 seconds it will not be raining, as it is not raining now," but that wouldn't be surprising at all to anybody. People want to know if it's going to be raining tomorrow or a week from now.

Does anyone have the articles for Nintendo and M$?

@bathyj below

Everything they write about pretty much everybody has a sly jab.

Tony P3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Yep. I was interested to see how this would be misinterpreted by the community so I saved them both.



Hardly surprising that people are calling bias without having read all three.

Edit: It's not like everyone will read them now so here are the scores:

MS - B
Nintendo - C
Sony - B

Bathyj3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

barom gives a good example.

Everything they say or write about Sony, always has a sly jab or an afterthought to bring them down.

Even when they occassionally give them genuine credit, they never just say something good and leave it at that. There is always, ALWAYS a subtle (or not) remark to tarnish anything nice they might have said and any praising is usually through gritted teeth anyway.

To agree again, they are extremely unprofessional. If I was as bad at my job as they are, I wouldn't even wait to be fired, I would quit.

I am not basing my impression on this one article or the Wii and Xbox ones either. Its my impression on kotaku as a whole having observed them for the last couple years.

And how rediculous is this anyway? Graded on keeping promises, and losing grades because you promise wasn't outlandish enough to begin with. I guess if I promise to cure cancer, end world hunger, nail Jessica Alba and make dogs and cats get along and do none of them, I should get at least a C for having promised so much to start with. If I mearly promise to brush my teeth every night for a year and do it, I get a C as well because it wasn't that big a deal to start with.

Parapraxis3462d ago

maniacmayhem, as baron above just quoted.
Please elaborate on how dropping the score from an "A" to a "B" is not irrational.

I think I know why they would do this.
Kotaku has a loyal fanbase of 360 owners and they wouldn't want to look like they have shifted sides. It's unfortunate to them and that particular fanbase that it has nothing to do with SIDES, it has to do with being honest. And from the overall tone of the piece and words in the last paragraph, Kotaku has decided it's better to keep a larger fanbase than possibly alienate a few people who can't handle their kool-aide.

IdleLeeSiuLung3462d ago

From what I can tell, Kotaku reports both positive and negative news about both consoles. I see no bias, except for the same fanboys crying over and over.

Do you cry bias when PS3 gets good news from Kotaku?

ultimolu3462d ago

I read the article and I still wouldn't trust *good* PS3/Sony news from Joketaku with a ten foot pole. I have an account and I know their attitude very well.

They usually try to make it sound like good news and then it turns out to be the other way around.

4Sh0w3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Kotaku takes jabs at all 3. If either company makes a mistake you can bet they will make fun of it, thats their angle and for some to say its only done to sony shows how being emotionally attatched to a brand can lead to a serious case of tunnel vision= and many of the above comments from people who didn't read what is otherwise just a general summary of last E3's promises which really has no favortism of either company only highlights this unfortunate knee jerk reaction from over sensitive fanboys.

BlueBadger3462d ago

I'm a Sony fan, and I like Kotaku.

Sure some articles might be flamebait, but those are 95% of the time done by a one Luke Plunkett, who everyone sorta knows on Kotaku as a sort of troll.

Seriously, all this Kotaku bashing is effing childish. Most didn't know about the other scores given out, and of course most only care about the "grade". Even then, you guys act like a B is a joke. A for Sony or bias jerks morons homos huh? I guess thats what separates fans and fanboys.

Sony delivered on most promises, but they didnt make any really big ones. So a B is suitable.

And on the Home fiasco, if something is leaked, you can't threaten to blacklist sites because of it. Same way I haven't seen anyone blast other sites for leaking other stuff from sony. Where was all the Playstation lifestyle hate for the trico leak?

DelbertGrady3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Lol @ ignorant fanboys bashing articles for no reason. "Is t3h Kotakuz!!! T3h 360 biasedest!!!". It's embarrassing.

"We've pulled all of the predictions, promises and other verbal constructions Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony used to get you excited about their console.
And we've seen what became of all those thrilling statements.

Sony, your promises are being checked today."

They have done all of them, not just Sony. And they more or less agreed that Sony delivered on all their promises. What more do you want from them? To rename their site to "Celltaku"?



green3462d ago

So what do you regard to be objective journalism, is it bending down and worshiping Sony?

The same article was posted about Nintendo yesterday and Microsoft the day before.Kotaku took shots at at all of them and gave a B to both Sony and Microsoft.But oh noooooo if Sony is not given the highest Score then they are biased.

barom3462d ago

A lot of you guys fail to realize the point of the article in the first place. It's to check the ACCURACY of their PREDICTIONS. Geez I guess Sony just can't possibly do anything right in your eyes. Promise too big and people complain for hyping up too much. Promise less and people complain for not promising big. A look at Sony's promises and you'll see that it isn't comparable to just "15 sec into the future". It's just a retarded to compare it like that.

FYI yes I avoid Kotaku at all costs, I don't like them for the reasons posted. Nothing to do with Sony hating. Though admittingly I did feel they hated Sony for a while but not so much anymore. And like some guy said, it may just have been that one guy Luke Plunkett or whatever cause I do remember that name very well (I often look at the author if I feel something is written really dumb).

Ldubbz3462d ago

Wow...the SDF sure knows how to throw around the bias label. Can we just get a list of all the so-called neutral sites that are all really biased? Against the PS3 of course. Buncha haters!

So far, from what I hear, these are the biased SOBs...

- Eurogamer (as of today! See Infamous review...)
- Edge
- Kotaku
- Gamespot (depends on particular convenient!)
- IGN (depends; see Gamespot)
- Gamestop (not a website/mag, but biased nonetheless...)
- CNET (apparently they are owned by MS...through Viacom?)

redsquad3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

I am SO SICK of being labelled 'fanboy' because I happen to dislike the general trend of any given website.

It's my DAMN RIGHT To get my back up at the constant snide (but often tacit) digs at something I happen to like, so all the people saying how 'kee-jerk' Sony FANS (We're not all "fanboys" regardless of what you'd love to think to make yourselves feel better) are to certain sites' constant baiting, stop being so snottily superior, sniffing "Wah, read the whole article, they say things like this about Microsoft BLAH BLAH BLAH" and pretending you don't react the same way.

Good god, I'll have to stick just about EVERYONE on ignore just to avoid an ulcer... I'm human, ergo I get pi$$ed off now and then. Don't DARE label me rput me in a box because of that. To do so is just as much a "knee-jerk" reaction as the one you're flinging at me in such a cavalier fashion.

morganfell3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Blue Badger, did Sony contact Playstation Lifestyle and ask them not to show that or was it an intentional leak?

That is a huge difference. It isn't the leak but rather respecting Sony's wishes because they were asking not to have marketing flushed down the toilet. It isn't as if Sony were asking Kotaku not to report some illegal activity.

Kotaku is one of these sites that would crawl over their dead mother to screw their own sister.

-EvoAnubis-3462d ago

We at PSLS had that Trico video for a little over 6 weeks before we finally posted it. There's a reason for that.

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TheColbertinator3462d ago

E3 2008 was mild compared to E3 Sony 06.It was a non stop show with gimmicks,overpromises and Riiiiiiidge Racer

PirateThom3462d ago

Genji launched with real time weapon change though.

Gue13462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

Isn't this like something usual coming from Sony? Why is that people are always surprised by the fact?

This have been the same since the early time of the PSX but what about the X360 RRoD? I mean that opaques anything Sony have done in its entire life span since they started in the video game industry.

How come people care about the overpromises of Sony in a monthly basis but nobody cares about the faulty hardware that MS sold and it still selling?

Overpromising or not year by year Sony still the best. Their consoles always have the best games and everything. Even now in the end when everybody's saying that the X360 is the console to have the PS3's becoming the most convenient console to have of all again... Just like the PSX and PS2. The high price is the only thing that made the PS3 to sell slow.

talltony3462d ago

Dont forget those GIANT ENEMY CRABS!!!! Pirate Tom

Dead_Cell3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

"We would give them an A but,Microsoft made some longshot promises they couldn't keep so we'll give both a B as it evens out"

That isn't biased,its just bad,weak journalism.

Bathyj3462d ago

The only promise I care about is the promise of awesome games.

No one has to actually (I've used that word about 5 times in as many minutes) say it out loud.

Its implied with the Playstation name, and boy are they delivering.

chidori6663462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )


the house of xbots ¬.¬

Javier193462d ago

That makes NO sense since those Xbots pretty much showed out 99% of everything they said came true