Gamer on Duty Episode #7: PS3 Exclusives vs. 360 Exclusives

Gaming Gone Retro
Interview With Retro Gaming Shop Owner
Official Street Fighter 15th Anniversary Chun LI PS2 Controller Giveaway
PS3 Exclusives vs. 360 Exclusives
VidZone for PS3
PlayStation SetStage Rips Home Users Off

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XxSolid SnakexX4064d ago

during the interview the guy who owns the store looks pissed when the other guy is holding his game systems LOL

DA_SHREDDER4064d ago

good show man. I never heard of your site but I will definitely check it out and spread the word if its any good. Keep up the good work man.

BrothaDave4064d ago

thanks I appreciate it, its rare to hear that on n4g lol

GiantEnemyCrab4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

What a fight. MS hasn't even announced their full lineup and we are less than 2 weeks from E3. Wouldn't this exclusive comparison be better served right after E3?

UNCyrus4064d ago

wow sir... I believe that's the first time I've ever agreed with you...

Software_Lover4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

You can say that playstation has the best exclusives but if you really really want to play Mario then you know what you have to do. Buy a wii.

You can argue that your favorite games are on the xbox and its cheaper, but if you really really want to play Killzone 2, buy a ps3.

Wii might be a lot of fun for you, but if you get a Gears of War itch, WTF are you gonna do? Gonna have to get a 360.

System "x" has better games than system "y" is all an opinion. Quality over Quantity is just an opinion as I remembered it was used by the xbox clan over the ps2 clan last gen. Now that argument is reversed.

Edit:This was not aimed at the video in whatever way, it was more at the title of the article. "360 exclusives vs ps3 exclusives"

housegroove764064d ago

I didn't know Tank Abbot started a used game shop after he left the UFC.

BrothaDave4064d ago

I agree that E3 is coming so its too soon but I still doubt they have that many exclusive games to announce. I actually hope they do, but I kinda doubt it. Sorry for the title of the episode it should have focused more on the rest of the episode but we (couch,nick,cough) are working on that.

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