Microsoft Kicking Apple's Butt In The Living Room

Dan Frommer writes -

There are many things about Apple (AAPL) that Microsoft is jealous about. But Apple's home entertainment business is not one of them.

Microsoft's (MSFT) Xbox 360 and its Windows Media Center software are quickly looking better than anything Apple offers. One reason is that the company is opening up to new ideas for content, even those that are considered competition.

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Mindboggle3465d ago

The only thing Apple are winning with is their iPods. Theres no competition for someone who wants a portable music player. They are definetly not winning with their computers and not even their iPhone. But then again they dont need to win...

Fishy Fingers3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

Your kidding right? Their "second" mobile and they hold a huge share of the smart phone market. Even with it's huge prices compared to blackberry or nokias free offerings. I think their PC share is also constantly increasing.

Living room wise, its because Apple TV is a piece of crap compared to other options. Not many people have a Mac in their living room linked up to their TV, that isnt the case for MS with the PC/360.

glennc3464d ago

i connect my macbook to my 360 and it works fine (connect360). however, the very fact that i need to buy 3rd party software to do this means they have failed and IMO lost out on huge opportunities. Mac seems like a logical choice for taking over the loungeroom given the multimedia nature (marketing BS i know) of their macbooks but they have taken their eye off the ball.

a $20 piece of software does what apple can't be bothered doing, come on apple wake up!