Splinter Cell Conviction - teaser hints at GTA style open world?

Does the new teaser video hint at fully fledged open world environments for Splinter Cell Conviction? Msxbox-world takes a closer look.

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sonarus3490d ago

sigh...not another open world game. I honestly hope it isn't but i will suspend my skepticism for a while and see if they can accomplish an open world splinter cell

GiantEnemyCrab3490d ago

Pop-In, piss poor frame rate, clipping and all the other issues that come with Open World games would kill this franchise if not done %100 right.

Hydrolex3490d ago

open world games are the best and they last longer as long as missions are not same as each other like some GTA IV missions and Saints row 2

chaosatom3490d ago

Time spent on making better gameplay is a much better idea.

slave2Dcontroller3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

I hope this isnt the case, We already have GTA4, inFAMOUS, and Prototype already. Aside from GTA, I dont really care for open world, free roaming games. I'm shocked that I have as much interest in inFAMOUS as I do but the game is to fun and incredible to pass up and play its easy to hop and grind all around the city.

I'm so hoping this is gonna turn out good but something tells me that Ubi is gonna stray waaaaaaaaaay to far from what the basics of splinter cell really is OR WAS and it kinda saddens me. Things Change I guess.

Chaos Theory may have been the last Splinter Cell for me. At any rate I hope the guys who are looking forward to the drastic change enjoys it. I know they cant please everyone, So GL Guys and Enjoy :)

The Lazy One3490d ago

Agree. Splinter cell would suck open world. There's a ton of detail in even the smaller splinter cell levels. The multiplayer levels (which are the closest to open world of the splinter cell levels) are less than the size of a normal building and they have a ludicrous amount of detail in all the paths through the levels.

I'd much rather them keep highly detailed small levels than have a big bland open world.

ShabzS3490d ago

hmm if ubi made assasins creed so perfect and beautifull with their engine in an open world game.... i dont see why they cant do the same with this as well... the only problem i see here is that they're trying to change too much from the orignial formula...

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SixTwoTwo3490d ago

I hope they don't delay the PC version or even better, announce a PS3 version.

Hydrolex3490d ago

because you said announce the PS3 version aahahaha

It's okay we have Uncharted 2 which owns this game

lord_of_balrogs3490d ago

I'm sure SCC is possible for the PS3, but I'd rather the devs take full advantage of the 360 instead of letting the PS3 hold the game back.

read disc error3490d ago (Edited 3490d ago )

yeah it would really suck if this game was compromised so it could play on the inferior PS3. Hopefully it stays on the 360 too avoid all the well documented graphical weaknesses of the PS3 like lack of anti-alias and low framerates. anyway, i doubt it will come to the PS3. Ubisoft wants to make a nice looking game that runs smooth, afterall.

ReservoirDog3163490d ago

honestly, was that really a necessary comment?

I am looking forward to this game though, hope it's good

Richdad3489d ago

SC is quite possible on PS3 but Ubisoft have tied with MS to make it exclusive for Windows and 360.

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Tompkins3490d ago

Open world seemed to work with Assassin's Creed, where you had several smaller cities to roam around. I envisage something along those lines rather than a huge open level like GTA.

Freak of Nature3490d ago

I agree....

I think we will see them use the Assassin's Creed 2 engine,a more controlled sandbox area...

TheColbertinator3490d ago

That sounds terrible if its true.Splinter Cell has always been about sneaking in hostile close quarters,not running and gunning with cops on the street.I hope its just a early design idea not a real implementation into Conviction

ZuperAmazingCooKie3490d ago

The problem is DVD9. This game would be better suited for PS3/Blu-ray exclusivity.

ShadesMoolah3490d ago

Open-world doesn't have to mean running and gunning, but can be more subtle actions within a larger scale environment. Seeing as Washington is featured, there's obviously going to be plenty of high security sneaking opportunities - remembering that Sam's previous missions have taken him all over the globe in both populated and more sparse areas.

If you look at the early footage, you'll see that the direction seemed to favour a more integrated experience with the NPC AI, in a similar way to Assassin's Creed. No doubt the guys at Ubi Montreal have listened to criticisms, looked at other games and devised a more tangible gaming experience from their initial ideas.

I think this game is certainly well worth getting excited for. Especially as games such as Metal Gear Solid 4 have pushed the boundaries in the field.

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