Indigo Prophecy Sequel Unlikely

When word first got out on Quantic Dream's Heavy Rain, many assumed it would be a sequel to their adventure game Indigo Prophecy. That theory didn't pan out, with the developers opting for a new universe for their second stab at the interactive drama genre.

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Lfmesquite3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

They're making a better game with Heavy Rain. Taking the good aspects of Indigo Prophecy and removing the crap aspects like the crazy story and hopefully adding a good story.

Unless you really liked Indigo Prophecy's story and want a continuation from that, I don't see why you would want a sequel.

Considering that the story got mixed reviews and the game didn't sell that great, I don't see them making a sequel. It might sound negative but I don't want a sequel to Indigo Prophecy. I think it's the right decision.

Personally I didn't like that story of Indigo Prophecy, I think they could do much better.

chaosatom3440d ago

Heavy rain is pretty much Indigo Prophecy.

I don't remember much of Indigo prophecy's story, so i am fine with it.

barom3440d ago

agree with 1.1

As long as they use they use the same gameplay but with a different and (from the looks) a more mature and realistic setting. I'm all for it. In fact it makes me more excited. If there was anything that I was kinda terrible, it was the story towards the end. It gets a bit too crazy for it's own good and I bet everyone went "wth" a couple of times.

That said I still urge anyone to try out Indigo Prophecy if they have the chance. It's 15$ as an Xbox Original and it's 15$ used at GS. It's easily on my top 5 favorite list.

GiantEnemyCrab3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Screw you Quantic for aliening users on the other consoles.

Fishy Fingers3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Dont see you saying the same about say, Bungie or Epic? Oh thats right, because they choose your console of choice.

Buy both. Or quit the moaning.

SpoonyRedMage3440d ago

He does have both doesn't he?

Bungie haven't released a game yet since becoming third party have they?

chaosatom3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Don't worry, He will see the light of day during E3. :)

Panthers3440d ago

I find Giant to be quite fair usually. But apparently Heavy Rain can be done on PS3 only. At least that is what Ive heard.

GiantEnemyCrab3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

Fishy Epic has already given PS3 owners UT3 this gen. What does Quantic have for 360 owners?

Bungie has been owned by MS so I don't understand where you're even coming from on that. They've just been recently left to their own, so who knows what they have in store.

I guess I could say the same for Kojima and Insomniac as well but I understand the Insomniac relationship and I think Bungie is heading to something similar for MS.

I can't speak to it "can only be done on the PS3" marketing stuff. It's funny that it's almost a requirement for making a game for Sony that the dev must go out of his way to say that.

chaos: I like the PS3 on this site as well but I do defend Xbox more. Old habits you know.. Yes, wait to E3 if MS drops the ball I am getting out of Xbox 360. So far I'm not impressed while I'm very impressed with Sony.

PotNoodle3440d ago

What about Triace?
What about Mistwalker?
What about Realtime Worlds?
What about Silicon Knights?
What about Bioware?
What about SimBin?
What about The Behemoth?

I could go on and on..

RememberThe3573440d ago

I thought you had a PS3?

Also, Sony approached them to make the game exclusively for the PS3, it's not like they are giving the 360 or the PC the finger (yet).Just because they aren't making an other Indigo doesn't mean they wont go multi-plat in the future.

Quantic Dream is not a huge developer that can pump out titles. They are working on one title right now and that title happens to be Heavy Rain which Sony owns. Your comment is hypocritical, unwarranted, and ignorant. You literally had no bases to call out Quantic Dream.

Honestly your comments just now make you seem like you reverted back to your old self. The annoying winy self.

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Socomer 19793440d ago

The developers that choose ps3 are artist. they only care about thier vision being fully realized by thier fans. They want creative freedom and zero restrictions. They would rather die than to limit thier game and they dont even care about sales. Hell, I bet they get mad when thier done and have to commercialize thier art.

Do you really think the old 360 can handle a game thats probly around 20 hours of CGI? I dont freakin think so and microsoft has not showcased a game that can. You think devs are just gonna give it a shot and figure out in the middle of development that they cant do it so they get sued by microsoft and have to make a XBLA game to justify thier contract? I didnt think so.

Gamers have more respect for developers that choose PS3 and thier only console to innovate and improove the generation towards the future. Why would they waste thier time with a system thats not serious?

Montrealien3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

"The developers that choose ps3 are artist."

What a load of crap, are you guys so deep into this console war madness that you actually think this way? You clearly do not know anyone in the industry. And thinking that people that chose the PS3 are artists just shows how delusional you are. Every good dev working on every console have their own talented artists. REAL gamers respect devs that make good games on any console, it ain't how many coloring crayons you have, its what you draw with them that counts. Deal.

maniacmayhem3440d ago (Edited 3440d ago )

You have no idea what you're talking about...

maxcer3440d ago

lol, funny stuff. i think the driving force of any developer is to make money.
Personally, i would have been embarrassed to post something like that...

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BYE3440d ago

Good to see they go for a more "grounded" story this time.

SlxTeN3440d ago

Kinda sad :( i really liked Indigo Prophecy story. Cant believe people haven't got tired of normal stories and don't want something beyond the normal type of thinking. I mean if you want to experience reality then go outside and interact with the world.