What do you want in a Bioshock limited edition?

Bioshock publisher 2K Games has confirmed it'll release a limited edition of the PC and Xbox 360 FPS.

The company had set up an online petition, saying that 5,000 signatures would ensure the release of a limited edition of the game.

It eventually got 14,000.

And now 2K is asking fans what they would like to see in the limited edition via a poll. Soundtrack CD? Artbook? Big Daddy figurine? "Making of" DVD? Bioshock posters? Upgraded packaging? Art print with team's signatures?

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Rasputin20114273d ago

I'll take a poster,upgraded package along with a "Big Daddy" figure

THWIP4273d ago

....I just want THE F*CKING GAME, already. :(

zonetrooper54272d ago

For the SE of Bioshock i would like:

The making of DVD
Soundtrack CD
Big Daddy Figure

Diselage4271d ago

Something that makes it worth the extra $10

Figure would be cool, poster would be suitable, maybe an additional cd with all the audio tracks.

Some how i doubt any of those will come with it though, same boring making of and commentary that comes with all SE's it seems like.

ALIEN4271d ago

Can't wait for this game, it looks fun.

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The story is too old to be commented.