Sensible Soccer a possibility on Xbox Live Arcade

Codemasters has said it's evaluating the possibility of bringing some of its IPs to Xbox Live Arcade. Although Sensible Soccer 2006 received mixed reviews, an aspect everyone was disappointed not to see was the inclusion of the classic Sensible World of Soccer. According to a senior source with ties to Codemasters, there were plans to include "the Amiga version of Sensible World of Soccer as an unlockable aspect of Sensible Soccer 2006," but in the end it didn't happen.

All is not lost though. The source also told Eurogamer that Codemasters "wants to do a rewrite of SWOS for Live Arcade."

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TheMART5938d ago

Sensible Soccer on the Amiga rocked big time. Man I lost my fingers almost on playing that game too much back then.

Would be fun to go back in time with this game on MP Arcade