Utilities Test Google Software To Save Energy

Cassandra Sweet and Mark Peters of CNN Money write:

"A handful of electric utilities are rolling out software made by Internet giant Google Inc. (GOOG) as part of their "smart- meter" programs in hopes it will help customers conserve energy.
The application, called Google PowerMeter, reads information coming from a smart meter, and displays it in real-time on a Web site. As utilities increasingly embrace smart meters as a way to cut energy use, in part by charging customers for the power they use at real-time prices, they've been searching for ways to display the information in a user-friendly manner that allows customers to adjust their power use. Smart meters and their potential to help cut U.S. energy consumption and greenhouse-gas emissions, have been embraced by President Barack Obama and Congress, in part through billions of dollars in grants made available for smart-meter programs as part of the Recovery Act."

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