How to fit 300 DVDs on one disc

A new optical recording method could pave the way for data discs with 300 times the storage capacity of standard DVDs, Nature journal reports.

The researchers say this could see a whopping 1.6 terabytes of information fit on a DVD-sized disc.

They describe their method as "five-dimensional" optical recording and say it could be commercialised.

The technique employs nanometre-scale particles of gold as a recording medium.

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gaffyh3439d ago

1000 degrees. Even though this method doesn't work on current DVD players meaning it is useless.

xwabbit3439d ago

Lets hope it gets approved first lol

Nineball21123439d ago

by the time FFXIII hits? Then the X360 version should be good to go!

Sibs3439d ago

It uses... gold... so much for a cheap alternative to Blu-Ray. Blu-Ray is still chugging ahead with a future of many layers.

It said the discs will be cheap, but I have a feeling the public won't fork over some of their money for yet another disc format.

gaffyh3438d ago

I personally think that Blu-ray could easily be used in the next PlayStation, but obviously they will upgrade the drive. It seems like the first format that could potentially still be viable after one generation. CD was quickly filled up, even DVD is filling up now (Lost Odyssey 4 discs), Blu-ray can go up to at least 100GB already (and 500gb as far as I've heard).

Marty83703438d ago

Imagine how slow the read speeds would be. Nothing but vapourware anyhow.

Blu-ray is the future, there has been tons of advancements in Blu-ray tech. Blu-ray reading/writing & storage/costs have all improved.

Foxgod3438d ago (Edited 3438d ago )

Blu ray is oldtech, and reading speeds will not be a problem if they develop a laser that can actually read these nano particles.
And from the confidence they show in this article, i suppose they already have developed a laser for it.
It will blow blu ray out of the water.

PS, Samsung owns Sony, expect a Samsung console in the near future.