Halo Wars DLC Getting Hammered by Fans as Epic Fail

Robot and Microsoft are taking it on the chin with ill-will and downright anger over the pricing and contents of the Halo Wars Strategic Options DLC.

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xwabbit3465d ago

We should be mad i mean MS has never tried to rip us off..... wait...

TheRealSpy023465d ago

ah, the sentiments of a ps3 fanboy. if there's one thing you people are good at, it's being completely unoriginal.

as for the DLC. it's only a rip-off if you buy it. just boycott sh!tty DLC for any game, and companies will eventually have to change their game plan to maximize profits. and both sony and ms do it, so lets stop acting like MS is heartless and sony is heartwarming.

PS fanboys...let the disagrees fly.

GiantEnemyCrab3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

@1.1: You called it! "rip US off" and he doesn't even have a 360 just here for the troll.

Nickels and Dimes!

XXXCouture3465d ago

let's be honest here. Playing online shouldn't cost anything, you gotta admit MS is milking it's fanbase by charging for online play.

I don't care if Xbox Live is 3 times as good, it simply shouldnt cost a thing to play online

4Sh0w3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

I'm with you. Enough of the goddam milking us microsoft. They are already making a ton, just think about how much goodwill they could create by offering some "worthwhile" content for FREE every now and then or at least alot cheaper than what it is. I know they do give out a few freebies here and there but its usually low level stuff and not nearly enough or very often. I think making 1 vs 100 FREE to play was there best move in along time, but its self-serving also because they need to really a huge amount of get excitement going for casual stuff like 1 vs 100 to even have a chance of succeeding on 360.

@iDystopia yeah, Ok bro say what ever you want, I love my 360 and my ps3 but everybody knows when it comes to greed microsoft is easily the king of that arena. You can defend them all you like but if we don't complain they will just keep price gouging, and whats wrong with giving a little back to the fans every now and then? btw YES Live should be FREE, I've been paying for it every year and its a great service but not so much better than psn to warrant the cost, microsoft not showing any signs of at least reducing the price is just 1 more example of them taking 360 owners support for granted, but I'm sure you can't see beyond the fanboy wars to notice.

iDystopia3465d ago

Couture..... says who?? You?

Sorry, but this is a big world and not many people care about your opinions of Xbox Live...what should and shouldn't cost's popularity is known and valued by the millions willing to play for it, otherwise they'd go to PSN.

Xbox Live is HUGE and leading the industry.

Playstation Network is the wanna-be.

XXXCouture3465d ago

lol so just because they charghe you for something, you just pay and stfu? is that your way of living? that attitude sucks dude

TheRealSpy023465d ago


It's based on wants and needs. and what you're willing to pay for.

a few months ago i bought a completely garbage game for 60 dollars. i didn't buy it cuz i necessarily wanted it. but i kept reading on n4g that it's the best game ever.

now that game just sits there collecting dust and taking up space. for that same 60 dollars i could have had well over a year of xbox live and probably a few xbox live arcade games.

of course we'd love for xbox live to be free, who wouldn't want free stuff. but i'd rather pay 4.25 a month for a service that's top notch than pay nothing for lesser quality.

lets put it another way. would you rather pay 5 dollars for a BJ from Megan Fox, or get a free one from Toby McGuire?

TheBand1t3465d ago

Both Live and PSN wishes they were 1/4 as good as Steam, Dystopia.

So really they're both wanna-bes.

iDystopia3465d ago

Steam isn't an better than XBox Live and doens't have even 1/10th the amount of content.

The fact is...XBox Live is leading the industry.... and you pay for everything you can't do on PSN.

LOL Trophies aka PS3 the wanna-be.

What doesn PS3 even have....text chat???

Playstation isn't number one anymore(It's dead last), and PSN is a wanna-be...still trying to get things XBox Live had on day one.(If Sony even is trying too compete with XBL anymore)

4Sh0w3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

Yeah imo Live is better than psn, but $50 a year better? No. PSN has come along way and anybody whos played both knows it. The fact that microsoft has not at least reduced the price is simply because we all just keep paying and not complaining. Personally its not even about the money, I'm not rich but really I can easily afford it, either way theres no good reason why we should have to pay to play online at this point, we already pay the internet service and the money made off of online content, ie arcade games, movies, advertising, DLC promotionals etc has to be close to what it costs microsoft to maintain a p2p network.

TheBand1t3465d ago

Not even 1/10th the content? Oh man, that's just too funny.

Try double the content of Live, and then some. Steam is the superior service to both PSN and Live, and PC users get it free.

Thanks for playing though.

iDystopia3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

I didn't know Steam had access to 5,000+ movies for download in HD, 400+ game demos, Countless Documentaries/videos/behind the scenes..... a full arcade section with almost 200 games(demo for every game)... a place to download hundreds of music videos, TV shows.....a Community section with games made by gamers in XNA.

Updated reguarly with Inside Xbox, all gaming events/E3/GDC and everything possible is kept up with on a regular basis. IGN previews Exclusively for Xbox 360. Xbox the Offical magazine previews. Tips for Achivements, and strategies...completely organized....Party chats that can move 8 people into ANY GAME simultaneously(or share movies/music/pictures while not in a game)

These things are new daily.

Xbox Live gets everything first.

I didn't know Steam had Live Gameshows coming where you can play for games, accessories and money(MS Points)


PSN is a wanna-be.

TheBand1t3465d ago

Steam has more REAL games than XBLs arcade system, not to mention community modification support.

I'd go on, but I don't have tine to type a wall of text.

I'll concede that XBL does comms and events slightly better though.

IdleLeeSiuLung3464d ago

Why do we still get articles like these? Maybe I should just make an article for each game that has DLC such as Resident Evil 5, Street Fighter IV, KillZone 2, Halo 3, and the list goes on....

If you don't like it don't buy it! If you believe developers/publishers are with holding content from the game just to make some extra bucks do NOT buy it! Otherwise just STFU and play the games!!!

It amazes me that people don't understand the concept of a business. A business it maximize profit and as long as people is willing to pay and it is profitable, businesses will cater to it.

PooEgg3464d ago

4Sh0w: Re: "Live is better than psn, but $50 a year better? No. PSN has come along way and anybody whos played both knows it"

Speak for yourself, don't speak for everyone: I've played both and PSN may have come a long way, and it is a nice service, but LIVE is still better, for all the reasons that iDystopia mentioned. And $50 dollars is cheap for what you get.

And talking about DLC ripoffs, what about the almost weekly screwing Sony is giving us in the name of addition Little Big Planet costumes, and Disgaea 3 character packs, a buck or three for each download? Both MS & Sony are ripping us off with the DLC, but as long as people keep overpaying for DLC we will keep getting screwed.

TheDude2dot03464d ago

Holy poop that Elite has two energy swords!

cayal3464d ago

"And $50 dollars is cheap for what you get. "

What you get? All you get is the opportunity to play online. WOW, that's really worth $50.

No Way3464d ago (Edited 3464d ago )

"lol so just because they charghe you for something, you just pay and stfu?"
Are you paying for food? You could just hunt, you know.
How about heat(fire)? Cavemen got it.. without electricity, or gas.
Hmm, and water? There's lakes, find one.

Do you see my point and how stupid you sound? STFU, please. Thanks. :)

PooEgg3463d ago

Cayal: You are so wrong, but based on your other comments on this thread, I wouldn't expect anything better from you. Since you obviously don't own a 360 what are you using to judge how good or bad LIVE is or isn't? The PS3 is a nice machine, and I am certain that some people really love it, myself I like it a lot, but you are delusional if you really believe that PSN is better then LIVE.

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Nelson M3465d ago (Edited 3465d ago )

They think its an Epic Fail too
And an Epic Flop
For the EpicFailFlopBox with Zero Exclusives

Deadman643464d ago

Deep down you must like the 360 right? I mean what would you do all day if it didn't exist? Surely not play your PS3 right, cus it seems you don't do much of that despite all of these 'AAA' exclusives? What would you do Nelson?

Th3 Chr0nic3465d ago

If valve can release the survival pack for free then this should be too i think. I know there can be a lot of code in 2mb of data but come on...10 bucks for 3 diff gamemodes.
Its a good thing the PC gaming devs didnt try to charge for each patch that came out witha map attached to it or gaming wouldnt be as far along as it is right now.

EvilCackle3465d ago

99% of premium DLC is a rip-off.

DA_SHREDDER3465d ago

No its not. The new Killzone 2 maps looks freakin sic.

Bnet3433464d ago

Two maps for $7 is a rip-off.

No Way3464d ago

Of course they do.... to you.

I ain't looked at em, so I don't know.
But, it's not surprise that you'd say that.